We have had a busy Christmassy week. A little elf has joined our class who gets up to all sorts of mischief when we aren’t there!

We have added our Christmas decorations onto the village Christmas tree and they look beautiful.

We have been doing lots of arts and crafts, including making our own advent candle. We talked about how Christians believe that Jesus was the light of the world and offered hope. We displayed our stain glass candles on the classroom window for everybody to see.

We have made our own Santa’s using our cutting, gluing and painting skills.

We have also been busy wrapping presents and writing cards in Santa’s workshop in our classroom.



It’s starting to feel like Christmas! Our classroom is slowly changing, ready to celebrate the festive season.

This week we made our own Christmas tree decorations to put on the village Christmas tree, the theme was to think of the keyworkers so we all painted a pretty rainbow and then added glitter, of course! We are going to hang them on the tree next week.

We have been practicing our Christmas play and we can’t wait to share it with you! We have done brilliantly learning our lines and it will look amazing when all the clips are put together. Alongside this we have read and talked about the Christmas Story. We then made our own stable scene by cutting out the characters and sticking them on.

The end of the week we then had a snowy day! It was very unexpected but lots of fun. We went outside in the snow (slush!) and then had hot chocolate to warm up ūüôā



We have had another busy week! We have enjoyed some outdoor learning and love our new reading den.

We have recapped our learning about healthy food and made a healthy snack, beans on toast! For some of us this was a new food to try. We toasted the bread, spread the butter and then poured on the beans. Yum!

We then used our great phonic knowledge to label some healthy foods.

We also have loved our PE lessons this week. We developed our balancing, jumping and landing safely skills by using the climbing apparatus in the hall.



This week we have been reading The Gruffalo. We love joining in with the repeated phrases and find the rhyming words really funny! In Maths we have been comparing and ordering size. We measured ourselves against a height chart to see who is the smallest and the tallest.

We have been learning and talking lots about Autumn and the changes we can see. To start the week we went on an Autumn walk. It was very muddy! But we saw some nice signs of Autumn such as different coloured leaves, some berries, acorns and a few conkers.

We talked about what sort of clothes we would need to wear in each season and the different types of weather. We also produced different types of art work using natural materials such as leaves. One of these was making an Autumn wreath. They are hanging in our classroom and look lovely.

We are also nearly at the end of our Phase 2 phonics learning. Most of us can hear the initial sound in words and can write simple CVC words.



We have had such a busy few weeks! Our focus book for the last fortnight was Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs. There is so much to learn about dinosaurs! We continued to practice our cutting skills and our printing skills by making our own dinosaur from a paper plate.

We also made our own dinosaur headband! By cutting and sticking triangles onto a long piece of paper. We loved being dinosaurs.

This week we also talked about bonfire night and firework safety. Following this we then made our own firework pictures.

We have also learnt about Remembrance and thought about all those people who lost their lives in the War. We made our own poppy out of hearts and then collaged a template of a poppy too. We then used these to decorate the windows and door of our classroom, it looks so pretty.

We have also been working really hard in our phonics and have started to write some simple cvc words around our focus sound of the day. We have also used the magnetic letters and boards in our continuous provision to apply what we have learnt. We are also working hard to write our numbers to 10 and form them correctly.





We’ve had a lovely week, our focus book has been The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have made tiger cups, written an invite to our own tea party and learnt about harvest. Linked to our harvest learning we talked about where food comes from, donating food to people less fortunate than ourselves and looking at farming and different tractors. We did some printing with fruit and vegetables and weaved our own basket for our classroom window display and we also performed our harvest festival song on video. To finish the week we made sandwiches and had our own tea party! We had great fun.



This week we have been learning about cold places like the Arctic and Antarctica. We have investigated these places in the tuff tray through the small world resources and lots of foam! We wrote postcards from the Arctic and posted them in our post box. We also made penguin pizzas! ūüôā We also did some ice cube painting outside and have started our phase 2 phonics learning this week, we are doing really well with learning and writing the new sounds.



This week our focus book has been Dear Zoo, we have enjoyed learning about the different zoo animals and to finish our week, we decorated and iced our own animal biscuits. We have started our RE learning now too and read the Creation story. We then said thank you to God for making all the wonderful things in our world. In our play we have been investigating weight and which animals are heavier than others, also exploring size and which animals fit in which size container. We have also been building outside and made a bus to the zoo with the crates. Some of us are starting to experiment with mark making and have been copying the animals names from a word mat. We are doing great ūüôā




This page will be updated weekly with a brief overview of what we have been doing in class, but for more regular and in detail information, please continue to check Tapestry ūüôā

Most of us are now settled into school and are loving it! We have been really busy every day such as painting our self portraits and thinking about the correct colours to use and what shapes we would need to paint. We also made What the Ladybird Heard masks after reading the story, made a pig from a paper plate and talked about colour mixing to make pink, and we’ve also loved PE! We are getting better at getting ourselves dressed and undressed without help, well done Hedgehogs. Where has the first three weeks of school gone?!







This is the last Home Learning post for Hedgehog Class 2019-2020. What a year it has been. I have never been prouder of you all for showing such resilience and understanding in the strangest of times. You have all grown so much this year and it has been a pleasure to teach you all. I know you will all be amazing in Badger Class ūüôā








To keep things fresh in your memory over the summer holidays, ready to resume your learning in September here is a list of ideas of things to do if you would like: (however it is equally important that you also have a good rest and enjoy yourselves!)

  • Write a diary of things you get up to over the summer holidays
  • Write a letter to Miss Gilbranch – your new teacher in Badgers
  • Please continue your excellent reading skills by reading books on Oxford Owl or any appropriate level books you can find!
  • Continue to play Phase 3 phonics games on¬†http://phonicsplay.co.uk
  • Count to 20 every night before you go to sleep, go higher if you can!
  • Play board games with your family, taking turns and sharing
  • Keep practicing writing your numbers to 20
  • Don’t forget to get creative and use your art and craft skills too.

But the most important thing is to have a great summer. You have worked so hard this year, at home and at school and deserve a real break. Whatever you do over the summer, I hope it is wonderful and I am sure I will still see you in September. Take care, Miss Charrington x



Here is the Hedgehog Class Video to show our new parents what life is like in our classroom. Our existing parents might want to have a watch too as there is some lovely pictures from this year.

Hedgehog New Intake Video



Hope you have had a good week those of you who are learning at home! This will be our last week of our dinosaur learning, I know it has been a big hit with most of you which is great ūüôā We have made our dinosaur fossils at school out of clay and made our dinosaur pictures from pasta, see below.

Here is your learning for this week.


  • Measure how far you can throw a ball or a beanbag. Can you beat your distance the next time?
  • Complete this Summer I Spy to 20. Here is the Checklist and here is the picture sheet. How many of each picture can you find?
  • Complete this missing number sheet to 20.

Reading and Writing

Topic Related Activities

  • Bake some dinosaur shaped biscuits. Can you weigh out the ingredients carefully? How will you make them dinosaur shaped?
  • Talk and research other animals which are extinct or endangered. What does this mean? Use these endangered animal colouring sheets to find out which animals are endangered and how many are left in the wild.
  • Make a handprint dinosaur! Which one will you make?

Don’t forget to watch the Hedgehog Class video on Tapestry to see a summary of your child’s year in pictures. Please email me if you would like a copy to keep. Have a great week! Miss Charrington ūüôā



Hope you have had a good week and a good weekend! We have been busy at school, see the pictures below. We went over to the school field and measured how far we could run in 10 seconds, we also did some fantastic writing about nocturnal animals. Hope you have enjoyed your learning too!

Here is your learning for this week:


  • ¬†Start learning positional language. Which way is right? Which way is left? Talk about and understand phrases such as, in front of, behind and next to. Play some games involving these terms such as Simon Says or the adult hides an object and the child has to find it but by using clues such as, turn left, it is in front of the table etc.
  • ¬†Complete some of these position challenges with a grownups help.
  • ¬†Complete this simple position worksheet.
  • ¬†Complete this dinosaur colour by number sheet. Use your subtraction knowledge to help you.

Reading and Writing

  • ¬†Use this dinosaur picture as a stimuli to write some sentences below the picture. At school we have been working hard to write independently with only a sound mat to help us, see if you can do the same! If you need a sound mat, this is the one we use.
  • ¬†Share some other dinosaur books together. See if you can find a mix of factual and story books – there are many stories on Youtube as videos.
  • ¬†Use these dinosaur reading cards. Your child should be able to read these with little support, there are different versions – cards with pictures and cards without.
  • ¬†Complete this phase 3 matching sheet.

Topic Related Activities

  • ¬†Test your dinosaur knowledge by trying this dinosaur quiz.
  • ¬†Recapping and linking our learning about dinosaur eggs, discuss about other animal’s life changes such as a caterpillar or a frog. Complete this life cycle of a frog sheet.
  • ¬†Research dinosaurs fossils. What are they? What do they look like? Can you make your own dinosaur fossil from salt dough or clay? If you are unable to use these resources you could draw and cut one out on paper.
  • ¬†Can you get creative with pasta and make your own dinosaur skeleton? See if you can make one similar to the pictures below.

Have a great week! Miss Charrington ūüôā



Happy Monday Hedgehogs, hope you had a lovely weekend. We were busy at school last week continuing our learning about dinosaurs and making our own dinosaur eggs. See the pictures below, this week we will be painting them and making a nest for them to go in.

I hope you enjoy your week and what your learning brings! See below for your tasks.


  • ¬†This week we are recapping our measuring knowledge, with more focus on measuring distance. Can you research how fast different dinosaurs could run? How fast can cheetahs run? What about humans? See how far you can run in 10 or 20 seconds, can you run around your garden a few times?
  • ¬†Complete this measuring length worksheet. Cut out the foot and see how many feet long each object is.
  • ¬†Complete this measuring picture sheet. Answer the questions on the sheet about what you can see in the picture, all about comparing length, size, height and distance.

Reading and Writing 

  • ¬†Here are some more pencil control sheets. This time focused around nocturnal animals.
  • ¬†Watch this story –¬†Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover and discuss the meaning of nocturnal. Which animals are nocturnal? What does an animal need to be nocturnal? E.g. excellent hearing.
  • ¬†Using this nocturnal animal word mat, write some sentences about which animals are nocturnal. E.g. an owl is nocturnal it sleeps in the day. A hedgehog is nocturnal it finds food in the night time.

Topic Related Activities

  • ¬†Watch this video to find out some more about¬†nocturnal animals.
  • ¬†Then complete this nocturnal animal sorting activity to test your knowledge! Which animals are¬†nocturnal¬†or¬†diurnal?
  • ¬†Create a model of transport using your DT skills to transport your dinosaur egg so you can measure how far it can travel. At school we are going to make a nest for our eggs and then put them onto a skateboard and see how far our egg can go with one big push and measure the distance. How far can yours go?


Happy Monday Hedgehogs. There will be a bit of a change with the home learning now, to make things more manageable and possibly easier for you who are learning at home, there will now only be one post a week on the website. Each Monday the home learning will be set for the whole week, it is up to you how quickly or slowly you complete this throughout the week. Please keep me updated via Tapestry how you are getting on as I love to see what you have been doing. So your learning for this week is outlined below:


  • Learn some more about capacity by completing this worksheet. If you get stuck, practise filling up containers and jugs with water to learn more about full, half full etc.
  • ¬†Practise your addition skills and your colouring by colouring in these funny looking monsters!
  • ¬†Practise your subtraction by working out these dinosaur sums.
  • ¬†Measure and investigate the size of dinosaurs foot prints. Can you find out how big certain dinosaurs feet were? Maybe you could draw some with chalk outside or print these dinosaur foot prints out and measure them. Which are the longest/shortest? How big are they compared to your own foot?

Reading and Writing

  • ¬†Try this reading comprehension style task. Read the sentence and then do what it says to the picture below it.
  • ¬†Complete these Phonics Activity Mats. Again, there are 6 to complete!
  • ¬†Create a dinosaur fact file about your favourite dinosaur, you can use these templates or create your own.
  • ¬†To keep improving your pencil control, here is another fine motor control worksheet. Trace the different sized shapes and colour them in carefully.

Topic Related Activities

  • ¬†To keep our computer skills fresh in our minds, create your own dinosaur picture on the computer. You could use paint or another simple program to draw your own dinosaur and colour it in. Think about your different mouse skills, e.g. clicking and dragging.
  • ¬†Learn about real dinosaur eggs. What did they look like? Were they all the same size? Then create your own dinosaur egg with paper mache and a balloon.

  • ¬†Following on from learning about dinosaur diets, can you make a healthy dinosaur snack? If you want to make a herbivore snack you could make a fruit salad or something containing vegetables. If you would prefer to make a carnivore food you could maybe make a ham sandwich or pasta with meat? Ask your grown ups for help!

There is lots here to keep you busy for the week! If you need to get in touch then please do, otherwise I look forward to seeing what you all do at home. Miss Charrington x



Happy Friday! Another week done, well done for keeping up with your home learning as the weeks go on. I know sometimes it is hard to keep up the motivation but you are all trying your best which is the main thing. At school we really enjoyed reading Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs, did you? We wrote some good sentences about the picture of Dinosaur Island, see below.

Here is your learning to keep you busy until Monday:

  • Sunday is Father’s Day. What could you do for your Daddy to show how much you love him? At school we made our Dad’s a dinosaur card (to fit with our dinosaur learning!) and made him a superhero chocolate bar. What will you make?

Have a great weekend ūüôā Miss Charrington x



Hi everyone. We are continuing to enjoy our dinosaur learning. Today we cut out the shapes to make our own dinosaur, we really enjoyed doing this!

Also I had to share Artie’s amazing dinosaur model he made at home, this took lots of materials and hard work to join it all together. I am sure you will agree, it really is fantastic!

Your learning is below:

  • Complete these EYFS Maths Activity Mats. There are 6 in total, so you could do 3 each day.
  • Look at this story – Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD5eRBLvm9Y
  • After listening to the story above, your writing task is to look at the picture on this sheet and write simple sentences about what you can see. E.g. there is a volcano and the sky is blue. Or, the trees are green and I can see a T-Rex.
  • Complete this tricky word sheet. Only colour in the words that you know!

Have a great few days. Don’t forget to show me what you get up too ūüôā

Miss Charrington x




Happy sunny Monday Hedgehogs. Another week, we are now on week 3 of the last half term of the school year! Lets make the next 4 weeks great! ūüôā For your learning at the start of this week see below:

  • ¬†Another parent told me about a video made at Paradise Wildlife Park. You can see all of the dinosaurs… but in the dark! Have any of you been there before? I definitely learnt some facts about the different dinosaurs by watching this video, have a look!¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80o8OFoQqRM
  • ¬†Practise your cutting and organisational skills by making these dinosaurs from 2D shapes.¬† You don’t have to complete them all!
  • ¬†See if you can crack the code by solving the addition sums in this dinosaur code worksheet.
  • ¬†Learn some more about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores but specifically, which dinosaurs ate what? You might need to do some research to find out which dinosaurs were meat eaters, plant eaters and which liked both. Then sort them into the venn diagram on this sheet.

Lots to keep you busy for a few days, looking forward to seeing your learning on Tapestry as always.

Take care, Miss Charrington x



Hi everyone, hope you are well! We have been really enjoying the dinosaur learning at school too. We had great fun making our dinosaur habitat boxes and then using them in our play afterwards, see the pictures below.

Here is your learning until Monday:

  • ¬†Complete this dinosaur writing activity. Complete as many sentences as you can!
  • ¬†Practise your handwriting on this handwriting sheet.
  • ¬†Create your own model dinosaur from clay/play dough or anything you have at home. At school we made ours from clay and to start with used dinosaur cutters, then we used our rolling and modelling techniques to create one freehand. They are now drying ready to be painted next week!

Have a good weekend and take a break! You have all been working really hard, I have been really impressed ūüôā speak to you all soon! Miss Charrington x



Hi Hedgehogs! Well done for another good start to your week, I have loved seeing your learning at home as always. See below for Josh’s great dinosaur art he did at home and Lily-Mae and her brothers fantastic Stegosaurus hats!

The children at school are missing you all but we have been keeping very busy and enjoyed a nice walk today over the fields, the rest of Hedgehogs say hello!

This is your learning for the next few days:

  • Have a look at dinosaur’s habitats. What did they need to survive? Different dinosaurs had different diets and ate different things. Have a look at this powerpoint to see a few different habitats for dinosaurs. Whats the differences or similarities?
  • Make your own dinosaur habitat box, what will you put in it?

  • To continue our halving learning complete the ladybird sheet again but this time it is to 20! Halving ladybirds to 20.
  • Complete these learning challenges about halving.
  • Here is another website which offers free reading books for children.¬†https://www.worldreader.org/keep-children-reading/ Unfortunately they are not colour banded but sorted by age instead. Have a look and see if any are suitable! ūüôā
  • Watch an episode of Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs on Youtube. Our favourite one at school is¬†Abracadabra!



Hope you all had a great weekend! Thank you so much for the letters I have received from you all so far, it has been lovely to read them whilst I have been at school. We are missing the rest of you very much but it has been great to see some more brilliant learning happening at home. I know lots of you tried the volcano experiment, we tried it at school but the reaction wasn’t great unfortunately! However Artie had a great idea after he did his at home by blowing on his volcano with a straw! This made the volcano foam and erupt more, see the picture below. Also Freddie W did some fantastic drawing and labelling of his Velociraptor! Keep up the amazing work Hedgehogs, I am really proud.

Here is your learning until Wednesday, enjoy!

  • ¬†Practise your careful cutting skills by cutting out these dinosaurs. Can you remember their names as you’re cutting them out?
  • ¬†Discuss how long ago dinosaurs lived. This is a very long time ago for children to understand but they need some concept of things which happened before they were born. Can you find out how the world was different long ago? E.g. there was no people on Earth, what other animals were alive? Explain how there was no houses, cars, technology etc. This is more of a discussion task but watching videos and looking in books about this will help the children gain some understanding. This is a good video to help with this¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3gXWDYpLAE
  • ¬†Complete this numbers to 20 sheet. This will help you remember your numbers to 20 and how to write them. The last sheet is counting backwards, it will be a challenge!
  • ¬†Complete this ear and igh phonics activity.¬† You can choose between easy, medium and harder sheets by the number of stars at the bottom of the sheet. These are two sounds we always forget, so lots of practise is needed!

Have a good start to your week everyone ūüôā Miss Charrington x



Hi Hedgehogs, this has been a great week! It looks like you all are really enjoying our new learning around Dinosaurs. Lots of you have completed the home learning set and then been motivated to do some of your own learning too! See Josh’s great writing and drawing below (left) Paddy’s amazing Stegosaurus which he cut and created himself, Lily-Mae’s beautiful Diplodocus drawing and labelling and Freddie’s brilliant Brachiosaurus drawing and labelling (right). I love seeing what you have been doing!


Your learning until Monday is below:

  • ¬†Hopefully the children have some understanding of halving now. Have a go at drawing some shapes, see if they can remember what a circle, square, triangle and rectangle looks like, and then cut them out and cut them in half. Explaining both halves need to be the same so it is fair. Once you have done this complete this ladybird halving sheet.
  • ¬†Have a go at some of these dinosaur pencil control sheets.
  • Create your own dinosaur hat to turn into a Stegosaurus!

Enjoy your weekend! Miss Charrington x



Happy Wednesday Hedgehogs, I hope you have enjoyed your learning so far this week. I am looking forward to receiving your letters you have written me! Here is your learning below:

  • Have a look at how the different dinosaurs moved. Some were speedy and others slow. Some had wings and others walked on four legs! Can you move like the different dinosaurs?
  • For your writing and creative task, I would like you to draw a picture of your favourite dinosaur and write it’s name underneath. You will need help to write this! Then I would like you to label your drawing with the words legs, feet, claws, head, wings (if they have them!). Use your phonics to sound all of these easy words out.
  • We are now learning about halving in our Maths. The children will need lots of help to understand what halving means. To start this learning you could watch this simple¬†video to physically show them how to halve. Then they will need their own go at halving to understand it. Halving fruit or bars of chocolate are good examples. Then moving onto halving an amount, something they can count. E.g. buttons or sweets. Please do not go higher than 10 to begin with so the children really understand the process of halving (splitting into two groups). On Friday we will then move onto writing and recording this.
  • Don’t forget to keep reading your reading books on Oxford Owl. Also have a go at these Phase 3 Phonics games on¬†Phonics Play and¬†Phonics Bloom.
  • Complete one of these Dinosaur science experiments. Make a volcano or make a dinosaur egg fossil.

Stay in touch and I look forward to hearing from you. Miss Charrington x



Welcome back Hedgehogs! I hope you all had a great half term in the sunshine and enjoyed a little rest. We have some exciting new learning to start based around a different book, this is one you might have heard of already. It is called Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs! ūüôā Dinosaurs are often very popular in Hedgehog Class and there is so much learning we can do around this so I thought this would be a great story to focus on.

I will be trying to post your home learning on the website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as usual but please be patient if one day it is a little delayed as I will be returning to school every day teaching too! For now your learning is below:

  • ¬†To launch our new book you can either read the book if you have a copy at home or watch the story¬†here. Discuss the events of the story and answer questions about what happened.
  • ¬†Begin to learn about dinosaurs. To find out what dinosaurs are, look at this powerpoint. Also look at some videos and pictures online to see what they looked like and all of the different types!
  • ¬†For your writing task I would like you to write me a letter and post it to school! I will be at school every day and would love to receive a letter from you letting me know what you are doing. I could also share the letters I receive with the other Hedgehog children who are at school, I am sure they miss you all too!
  • ¬†Complete this one more and one less worksheet. We learnt about one more and ones less a little while ago, I wonder if you can remember?

Enjoy your new learning! Miss Charrington x






Happy Friday! I have loved your work this week and especially enjoyed all of the African arts and crafts you have been doing. See Freddie’s brilliant African drum, Liam’s fantastic African mask, Lily-Mae’s beautiful mask, Matilda’s amazing mask (right).

I hope you have all enjoyed your Handa’s Surprise topic and learning all about a different environment. To finish off our topic your learning is below:

  • ¬†Make a Handa’s Surprise picture. You could draw or paint your favourite part of the story, think about all the different animals.
  • ¬†If you have any left over fruit or vegetables, use them for printing! Cut it in half and dip it into paint then print onto paper. What pattern do they make? If you cut the fruit in half a different way does the print change?

  • ¬†For your phonics task complete these caption matching worksheets.
  • ¬†To finish off our doubling learning and to ensure the children really understand it, here is a whole doubling booklet. This could be worked through over half term if you wish.
  • ¬†Have a go at this fun guess the African animal powerpoint.
  • ¬†Choose your favourite African animal and create a fact file about it for your writing task. Here is a template if you need one, however if it is too tricky then you can make your own.

This will be the last post until Monday 1st June because of half term. I wish you all a lovely week. Take care.

Miss Charrington x


Happy Wednesday Hedgehogs! The weather is going to be beautiful today so make sure you enjoy it ūüôā these are the last few days of our topic before half term next week. Enjoy your learning!

  • ¬†Finish off these Phonics Activity Mats, there are 6 to complete.
  • ¬†Learn about which animals eat meat, plants or both with this cutting and sticking and sorting activity
  • ¬†As we should know the story of Handa’s Surprise very well by now, for your writing task I would like you to complete this Handa’s Surprise Book Review
  • ¬†For your creative task, I would like you to have a look at African art and crafts and choose your favourite thing to make. The rich and colourful heritage of the African continent is represented through their art. See this website for lots of ideas of things to make¬†https://artsycraftsymom.com/african-crafts-for-kids/

Enjoy your learning and the weather today! Can’t wait to see what you get up too. Also please check Tapestry for photos of how Hedgehog’s Classroom is looking for the possible reopening of school on June 1st. Miss Charrington x



Good morning Hedgehogs, I hope you all had a great weekend. I have really enjoyed seeing your learning as always! I can’t share everybody’s learning as it is all brilliant, but see Eva’s and Freddie’s African huts below! Both made of totally different materials but both effective and both took lots of skill to make!

See your learning until Wednesday below:

Enjoy your learning, speak to you all soon! Miss Charrington x



Happy Friday! ūüôā Well done for some amazing learning this week, it has been great to see what you have been up too. I have seen some great African huts being made and some beautiful graphs showing your families favourite fruit. See Ethan’s graph below, he used his great computer skills to then show it digitally!

Your learning until Monday is below:

Have a great weekend Hedgehogs, Miss Charrington x




Hi Hedgehogs! I have seen some amazing African huts so far from Monday and lots of reading practice of tricky words. Well done! Here is your learning for today and tomorrow, enjoy!

  • ¬†Practice writing your Phase 3 tricky words on this worksheet
  • ¬†In our Maths we are now learning doubling! Children will need to know the meaning of doubling first – so it is the same amount added again. A good way to do this is to draw ladybirds which have a certain number of spots on one side e.g. 3. By working out what double 3 would be, the children add the same amount of dots to the other side of the ladybird and then count the total. Here are some worksheets if you would like the ladybirds pre made. Ladybird doubles sheet

  • ¬†We need to continue practising our rhyming skills. Lots of us found this tricky previously, I wonder if you have improved? Click here for a rhyming activity
  • ¬†Now can you make a Handa to go with your African hut? You could use play-doh, cardboard or just paper and cut her out carefully.
  • ¬†For something fun have a look at this link where you watch the animals in Edinburgh Zoo live! Lions would be a good one to watch as they live in Kenya where Handa lives! ¬†https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/lion-cam/#lioncam

Enjoy your learning Hedgehogs! Miss Charrington



Good morning Hedgehogs, welcome to another week of home learning. I hope you all enjoyed your VE Day celebrations, it has been lovely to see what you did to celebrate which included lots of baking and enjoying the lovely weather outside. We only have a few weeks left of our Handa’s Surprise learning before we move onto something new! Enjoy your learning the next few days, can’t wait to see what you get up too!

  • ¬†Practise your tricky word recognition by playing this game¬†https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/member-only/TrickyWordTrucks.html the whole of the Phonics Play website is now free to access when using this log in, username: march 20 password: home
  • ¬†Find out everybody’s favourite fruit in your family and put this into a chart or a graph to show which is the favourite.
  • ¬†For your creative work I would like you to try and make an African hut! There are lots of ways and materials you could use to do this, one idea is cutting a circle from card and making it into a cone shape and then sticking shredded paper/fabric/straw onto the top.

  • ¬†For your writing task I would like you to choose one of the pages from this document (there are three different ones) Spring Writing Task and use your phonics to write sentences about the pictures you can see. Please encourage your children to do this as independently as they can as by the end of their Reception year they need to be writing sentences by themselves.

Enjoy your learning and as always please contact me for anything you need. Miss Charrington



This will be the last post of the week as it is bank holiday tomorrow. Here is a few activities you can complete to learn more about VE Day and why we are celebrating this. Hopefully you will have already looked at the Powerpoint Presentation by clicking the link on yesterdays post. Here are some follow on activities:

  • ¬†Practice your colouring skills by colouring in this VE Day picture
  • ¬†Design your own war medal
  • ¬†Write a sentence, or a few, about what you did on VE Day on this VE Day paper
  • ¬†Look at the picture below. Talk to your grown ups about how you think they would be feeling now the war is over. How can you tell they are happy? Why do you think they are so happy? How would their lives be different now the war was over?

Most importantly have a lovely day celebrating and enjoy your long weekend! I can’t wait to see what you get up too so please share all of your pictures on Tapestry ūüôā

Miss Charrington



Well done for some great learning this week, I have seen lots of weighing activities and learning about animals habitats in lots of different ways. Keep it up! Your learning for today is below:


  • ¬†Make your own African rain stick! Find out why these are used in Africa and talk about the weather/environment. Click the picture below to watch a video on how to make your own.¬†

This is your learning for today Hedgehogs, there will be another post tomorrow with some more VE day ideas, instead of one on Friday because of the bank holiday. Have a great day!

Miss Charrington ūüôā



Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are back and ready for another week of home learning. Your next learning to complete is below:

  • ¬†Recap weight. Use objects from home to investigate which ones are heavier and which are lighter. Can you make an estimate before weighing them? Can you order three or four items by weight, from lightest to heaviest or heaviest to lightest? Some discussion can be had around how much an item weighs but you don’t need to focus too much on measuring in standard units.
  • ¬†Research about animals habitats. What habitat do the animals in Handa’s Surprise need? Why? Then compare to an opposite habitiat, e.g. Antarctica. Which animals live here? How is their body adapted to living in this habitat? Complete this activity to cut and sort the animals habitats.
  • ¬†Complete this Phase 3 ar worksheet¬†
  • ¬†The weather looks to be brightening up again so get outside to practise your throwing and catching skills. How many times can you catch the ball when it’s thrown to you in a minute? The children loved this at school when we did this for Sport Relief!

Have a good day Hedgehogs and I look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Charrington



Happy May and Happy Friday! We’ve done another week of home learning ūüôā Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been as lovely this week but it’s nice to see everybody engaged with the Handa’s Surprise learning and still enjoying themselves. Please see below for your next learning tasks, these do require a printer, if you have a problem with this please let me know:

  • ¬†Complete this reading comprehension about the story of Handa’s Surprise
  • ¬†To keep our fine motor and pencil control skills amazing, complete this workbook
  • ¬†Play a matching game with these cards. Can you match the animals together? Can you match the animal to the fruit it takes in the story?
  • ¬†For something creative John Lewis are running a competition to find a Superbear! You need to design a bear and the winning teddy will be sold in John Lewis and Waitrose shops. All profits will go to the NHS.¬†Click here to find out more

Enjoy your learning and I love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to send me an email. Keep smiling and have a great weekend.

Miss Charrington




Morning Hedgehogs here are your learning tasks:

  • ¬†I would like you to record a video of you reading and upload this to Tapestry so I can see it. It’s been such a long time since I have heard you all read and it would be lovely to see how you are coming along with your reading at home.
  • Research which countries the fruit in the story of Handa’s Surprise grows. Where do bananas grow? Where can you find guavas growing?
  • Continue with your subtraction learning. Now you can start writing down the sums but keeping within 10 for the basic learning and extending to 20 for the challenge. Can still use any objects you have at home to support counting. You could also make your own number line so the children can count backwards to find the answer.
  • Please complete this workbook for cutting and sticking, phonics and drawing activities. Handa’s Surprise Workbook

Enjoy your next few days, I’m looking forward to seeing your learning on Tapestry as always ūüôā

Miss Charrington



Hi all, hope you had a great weekend. Great to hear from you all last week, lets make this week the same ūüôā Here are your learning tasks for the next few days:

  • ¬†Draw some animals from the Handa’s Surprise story and write a simple sentence about each using your phonics skills. E.g. ‘the big giraffe’ or ‘the ostrich took the guava’. Please only tell your child how to spell the names of the fruits and the animal names, all other simple words your children can sound out and write themselves without too much help. Your phonics flashcards can be used as a reminder or which sounds to use and any tricky words can be copied from these cards too.
  • ¬†Recap what plants need to grow. I’ve seen lots of you gardening and also looking after your sweet pea plant from school! Can you make a model of a plant, either using play dough, paper or card, construction toys, empty cardboard tubes or boxes, or plastic tubs and pots. Think about how you could make the stem, flower and leaves. Ask your children if they can remember the job of the stem and the roots.
  • ¬†Practise your phonics and blending skills by playing some phase 3 games on¬†https://www.phonicsbloom.com/.
  • ¬†We need to keep practising our scissor skills. Download the free workbook and complete a few pages a day¬†https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-m-470-scissor-cutting-skills-workbook-parents
  • ¬†Complete the new PE Challenge from Mr Riccio to get your heart beating faster!¬†https://padlet.com/sport9/8map7ce5otrb

Keep going with the home learning, you are all doing brilliantly. As always, please contact me for anything you need. Stay safe.

Miss Charrington


Happy Friday everyone. Thank you to everyone who I have spoken to this week either on Tapestry, or via email about their child’s learning, their progress and how to improve and support this learning at home. I am still seeing some really creative ideas of how to teach your children and they look like they are having lots of fun. Here are your next tasks to keep you busy until Monday:

  • ¬†What do people wear in Africa? Look at their clothes and jewellery and then have a go at making your own by making a pasta necklace!
  • ¬†Read a reading book on Oxford Owl –¬†Click here for Oxford Owl
  • ¬†Continue your subtraction learning – this can be extended to numbers within 10 if the children have understood the concept, but still using objects to support.¬†Click here for another subtraction game
  • ¬†Paint or draw some pictures of fruit you have at home.

Also remember to have some fun outside in the sunshine! Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Charrington



Hi everyone, thank you for your keenness of our new learning focused around the book Handa’s Surprise. It’s been great to see you all researching Kenya and noticing how different it is compared to our country. Here are the next few ideas for home learning until Friday:

  • ¬†Start to learn subtraction. This is new to the children so lots of explaining will be needed about taking objects away and how there will be a smaller amount left. To start with do subtraction within 5 to start with e.g. 3 – 1 = 2. Starting simple and getting harder as the children are understanding it. Don’t worry about writing anything down as yet, doing it physically with objects is more important! Here is a game the children can play as a way to introduce subtraction and taking away. http://www.rabbittakeaway.co.uk/activity/¬†
  • ¬†Read Handa’s Surprise again, focus more on the fruit and think about if you have tried any of the fruit she carries in her basket. Can you try a new food at home, something you’ve never had before?
  • ¬†Make a fruit salad with any fruit you have at home for a healthy snack.
  • ¬†For Phonics use your Phonics flashcards to see how many you can remember in a minute. Adult to time you and hold up a selection of the cards, how many can you get? Let me know your score!
  • ¬†Watch this information video all about Kenya¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPBljRitJM.

Any questions in the mean time please drop me an email. Enjoy your learning for the next few days and more will be posted on Friday ūüôā

Miss Charrington


Hi Hedgehogs! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and made the most of the lovely weather we had. Well done to those of you who completed your Bridges Project – amazing work and it was lovely to see it on Tapestry.

Welcome back to ‘school’ and it’s time for some new learning! For Summer Term 1 we are focusing our learning around a book called Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. It’s a great book set in Kenya and provides lots of learning for the children about different environments, animals, fruit, weather and so on. If you don’t have a copy of the book, please see the link below to watch a video with your children of the book being told.

Handa’s Surprise Video

Your tasks for Monday and Tuesday of this week are as follows;

  • ¬†Talk through the story of Handa’s Surprise and answer questions about what happens. What fruit does Handa start with? What animals can you see? What it does it look like where Handa lives?
  • ¬†Recap our learning about healthy food. Which food is unheathy and which is healthy? Can you find some examples at home and sort it into groups.
  • ¬†Look at Kenya on a map, where is Kenya? How far is it from the United Kingdom? How is it different?
  • ¬†Recap addition – adding objects together to find the total. Work within 10 and then 20 as a challenge! Can you write down the sum?

More learning will be set on Wednesday of this week, if you need any help in the mean time please send me an email. Also check Tapestry for a note regarding ‘parents evening’.


Hi Hedgehogs. This will be the last post on the website until home learning resumes after the Easter holidays on Monday 20th April. I will still be answering emails and checking Tapestry during this time, so feel free to contact me if you need to, I love hearing from you and seeing what you are doing!

Over the holidays I am setting you a project about Bridges. We were going to complete this learning in class but the holidays is a perfect time to complete this at home! The order of the project could take the following structure:

  • ¬†Read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff (many videos on Youtube retelling the story if you don’t have the book)
  • ¬†Research different bridges around the world, e.g. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge to name a few. Click here for a powerpoint showing bridges around the world.¬†
  • ¬†Then start thinking of designing and making your own bridge. It will need to hold some weight – think back to The Three Billy Goats Gruff story and the bridge holding the weight of the goats. To test your bridge strength you should use a toy vehicle at home once you have built it. Think about what you could use to make your bridge, some ideas are cardboard boxes, recycling containers, lego, blocks, toilet rolls, lollipop sticks etc. See the pictures below for some inspiration. Use this worksheet to plan your bridge design.
  • Then make your bridge and test it! Does it hold the weight? If not, how could you change it next time to improve?
  • Take a photo of your bridge to show me!

Good luck with your Bridge project! Along with this, I know lots of you have read the books sent home in your child’s learning pack so this website allows you to read e-books online with your child which are the correct level for them. You have to create an account but the books are free. Please select the colour band your child is currently reading, pink or red and work through these ones first before trying the next colour band.¬†Click here for reading books.¬†

Last thing! Please think about what Easter means to Christians and how well this links into our world at the moment. How we are all having to ‘give up’ things which we normally enjoy, including seeing family and friends but for the greater good of everyone. I know these holidays will be different to normal, but stay positive and happy and most importantly, stay safe. Happy Easter ūüôā

Miss Charrington



Happy April everyone! We are now fully into Spring so for your learning over the next few days I would love if you drew me a Spring picture. It could be anything which represents Spring, flowers blooming, young animals e.g. chicks or lambs, or you celebrating Easter which is just round the corner. Please show me your lovely drawings by uploading a picture onto Tapestry.

Please continue practising your phase 3 phonics words on this website, there are lots to practise reading! https://www.letters-and-sounds.com/resources/p3words.pdf.

Also continue learning your number bonds to 10. You could use 10 small objects and two plates, put some of the objects onto one plate and the rest onto the other and count them. Which number bond have you made? Can you now write the sum? E.g. 6+4=10. Repeat again with different amounts on each plate which still equal 10, again write it down such as 3+7=10.

I look forward to seeing more of your great learning. Stay safe.

Miss Charrington



Hi everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, we are now on week two of no school and you are all doing brilliantly, well done to parents supporting your children’s learning so well during this challenging time. You’ve all had some great ideas and different ways of doing things which are really benefiting your children so thank you.

Please see below for a link to a great free resource which includes lots of phonic activities, cutting tasks, maths sheets and some art and crafts. Work through this when you can. I am assuming lots of you have access to a printer to print off some of this pack, if you don’t please let me know so I can recommend some online sites to access or other tasks to complete.


Stay safe and stay in touch, Miss Charrington.



Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well. I can see lots of you are doing great with your home learning and working through the pack. Please continue to keep me updated via Tapestry as it is lovely to see what you are all doing and so many fun activities taking place. Please see below for some more ideas and worksheets to complete to keep you busy! This will be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with more learning.

  • ¬†Please see this link to Twinkl which is offering a free download of Life Cycle Posters and also a BBC Teach Video to support this. We learnt about the chicken life cycle at school, so they should remember this! You have to create an account to download this, but it is free – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-s-419-comparing-different-life-cycles-display-posters-pack
  • ¬†Watch The Body Coach Joe Wicks at 9am every morning live on Youtube to complete your exercise for the day. This can then be recorded in their exercise journal from Mr Riccio. I’ve seen lots of you doing this already – well done!
  • ¬†Practice reading these Phase 3 decodable words, some are quite tricky! But they all contain sounds which the children have learnt, see how many they can read correctly in a minute! https://www.letters-and-sounds.com/resources/p3words.pdf
  • ¬†To practice their computer and phonics skills in one go,¬† use this website and play the phase 2 and phase 3 phonics games. This was recommended to me from another parent and it looks like fun! https://www.phonicsbloom.com/
  • ¬†Explore capacity either outside, at the sink or in the bath. Use different sized containers e.g. bottles, yoghurt pots, pans etc. Then investigate how many pots of water does it take to fill the pan? Which container holds the most/least? Have an estimate of how many cups of water it will take to fill up a bottle etc.
  • ¬†Now we have learnt addition, we can learn our number bonds to 10. Which two numbers when added together make 10? You can use a layout like the picture below so the children can clearly see that 10 is the total and then two numbers together make it. To start with it would be useful for the children to use objects so they can physically count them before they learn the sums, you could use anything which can be moved when counted e.g pencils, sweets etc.

  • ¬†Finally, other teachers have set up their own Padlet pages which you can add to, to show them what you have been doing also. It is similar to Tapestry in the way you can upload photos and comments but this can be seen by the whole school rather than just Hedgehogs. If you have done any sport and PE which you would like to show Mr Riccio, then you can upload and write a comment onto his Padlet page which is https://padlet.com/sport9/8map7ce5otrb.¬† The same also for Mr Munson, if you have explored any music or instruments he would love to know by adding a comment onto his Padlet page https://padlet.com/music35/py26ogvbnr63.

Stay safe and well everyone and have fun!

Miss Charrington ūüôā



Hi Hedgehogs, we have had another lovely sunny day and it has been great to see how you have been enjoying this by taking your learning outside. I have seen some lovely pictures of your Spring Walk’s and other fun activities.

Tomorrow there will be more ideas and worksheets uploaded onto this page but for now have a look at our ‘virtual assembly’ page on the link below..


The theme currently is thinking of the NHS and how important the staff are, especially now but always. The children can think back to our nurse visit we had in school and remember what her job role was and how she helped people. Please feel free to add ideas and pictures to this page to fit into the theme of the assembly.


Hi everyone, thank you to most parents who have uploaded what you have been doing onto Tapestry so far, it has been lovely to see the photos of the learning taking place and some great creative ideas.

Keep up with your reading and daily phonic activities, the Maths worksheets and practising fine motor control through cutting and sticking.

As the weather is meant to be lovely and sunny the next few days, now is the perfect time for a Spring Walk! On the walk could you:

  • ¬†Identify and name some different flowers – the children can recognise a daffodil and a crocus!
  • ¬†Identify different parts of a plant, leaves, stem etc.
  • ¬†Can you see any animals on the walk?
  • ¬†What birds can you see? The children have enjoyed bird watching at school.

Let me know what you find on your Spring Walk! If you need any support or help with the work in your child’s learning pack, please send me an email and I am happy to help.

Take care,

Miss Charrington



Dear Parents,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well! Please keep an eye on this page for any updates for home learning.