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We have had a busy week finishing our learning about shapes and starting our Poetry unit. The children have been learning about rhyming words and writing animal poems. Next week we will write some Christmas poems. We have also been filming our songs and narrator lines for the school nativity and we put our class tree up and decorated it. The children were very excited to add their stockings to the tree.

We have been learning about Peace and Light in our assemblies this week. The children thought about how they can make the world a peaceful place and what they can do in class and for each other to bring peace. They then added their ideas on their own turtle dove.

We had our Christmas Lunch yesterday and the children really enjoyed it. The food was delicious and Mr Munson spoilt us with some lovely live Christmas Music.

I will be reading with all the Badgers before we break up for Chrismtas to see if any children are ready to move up in their reading.

We have lots more Chrismtas activities planned for the last week of term to get us into the Christmas spirit 🙂

Miss Gilbranch



We have been learning about shapes this week in Maths. The children have been naming 2D and 3D shapes, describing their properties and sorting and comparing them. They have enjoyed lots of practical activities this week and making shapes with various materials.




We compared the two polar regions and looked at what is the same and what is different. The children could have a go at the little quiz I created on our Google Classroom Page.


We have started preparing for Christmas in class. We made an advent calendar for the class and made some decorations for the village tree. The children also made one to take home. They also made penguin plates for our Antarctica display.


We have had a very busy week in class. The children really enjoyed the cricket on Friday and I took some photos of them playing and learning to bat.


We painted Antarctic landscapes this week. They are on our window as you walk through the gates. The children based their paintings on a painter Nerys Levy. I was really impressed with all their paintings!


Number Formation- Maths

We had a morning of practicing our number formation in class using a variety of ‘hands on’ activities and then wrote them in our books. We will continue to practice these so all our numbers are round the right way.

We have finished our stories about Lost and Found but will we continue to learn about the Antarctic. I have added some powerpoints and links to help with this week’s homework project;

t-tp-2548802-ks1-antarctic-animals-powerpoint_ver_3 (1)

t-g-302-the-antarctic-powerpoint_ver_9 (2)

Miss Gilbranch


This week has been very busy. We have been learning to subtract numbers in Maths and we have started to write our story of ‘Lost and Found’. The children also wrote about the Antarctic. I have enjoyed seeing some of the children’s homework about the Antarctic already 🙂

I have made some Literacy and Maths targets bookmarks for the children. This is so they know what they need to focus on with their writing or maths when working in their books and they can look at their bookmark to remind them. If they achieve 5 target stamps they get a prize.

The children are looking forward to their taster session of cricket tomorrow.

I am really impressed with how well the children are doing with their phonics and reading and this has helped with their writing too!


Remembrance Day

We have had a good week of learning and the children have enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of giving thanks to those who fought in the war. They all made a poppy for our class wreath and designed a medal fit for a soldier. I have made a little video to show some of their work.

English and Maths

We have continued reading our class book and the children have been writing some sentences about the story. We have also created story maps to help them sequence and re tell the story. The children have been solving addition problems and word problems this week. We will be moving onto subtraction next.



We looked at different colours that may us feel cold and hot and they created a ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ painting. Some of the children painted cold places as we have been looking at the South Pole in Geography.



Welcome back Badgers! We have had a good first week back. We finished our book ‘THUD’ before half term and our English display in class has some of the work the children produced based around the book.

We have started our new book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children began thinking about why the penguin might be at the boy’s door and where he may have come from. They then thought about how he was feeling. We thought about better adjectives we could use instead of ‘sad’. Perhaps you can ask them what words they know for ‘sad’.


We have been carrying on with addition and subtraction this week in Maths and we have started learning about Antarctica. The Year 2s enjoyed helping the Year 1s in our Geography lesson. We have been finding out where Antarctica is and learning about the continents and oceans.

Well done Badgers for a great week back and keep up the good work 🙂



Well done Badgers for a great first half term! It hasn’t been easy with all the changes in school but you are all much more settled and you have worked really hard with your work and lessons in school!

Cooking and English

Last week the children made Gingerbread Men. It was a little trickier than usual to make sure we followed the new guidelines but they all still managed to mix their own ingredients and make their gingerbread man. They then decorated them once they were cooked!
We then wrote some lovely instructions about how they made them.



Hands, Face, Space

I decided to write a song for Badger class to sing to remember the slogan ‘Hands, Face,Space! We have been learning it in class and here is a little video of them singing it for you!

I hope you all have a great week off and enjoy the rest!

Miss Gilbranch









We have been celebrating Harvest Festival this week and thinking about the things we are grateful for. Our theme in school was ‘Count your Blessings’. The children made scarecrow plates, did some potato printing and wrote acrostic poems. We have also created a class video about the things we are grateful for. Our video will be posted with the other class videos. I will post it on here at the same time. It was lovely to hear about the things the children were grateful for despite it being a challenging year for everyone.



To start off a lesson we choose a number and the children have to answer some questions around that number. We usually do this 2 to 3 times a week. We looked at 5 and 12 last week.


Times Tables

The children are doing well learning their times tables. I have some more certificates to give out this week. They all start off learning their ten times tables. We mix this up for the test.

When they have completed these and have been awarded their certificate, the next tables are 10s and 5s mixed up. Then it is 2s and 4s mixed up. Then they need to learn the corresponding division facts for 2s and 4s. Then the corresponding division facts for 5s and 10s. Then it is the 3s and 6 times tables mixed up. This is just incase I am unable to update their homework diary with which times tables they need to learn at home. A fun way to learn these is to use the ‘Hit the Button game. We do this in class. The children enjoy this as it is a fun way to practice them. I have added a link below of the game.


Mrs Heather and I are listening to readers weekly and I am seeing some great progress with the reading. Alongside improving their fluency. the children also need to have a secure understanding of the book and answer comprehension questions based on the text. I set some homeowork on this last week. I assess them regularly in class and if they are secure in both I move them up a stage. I always make sure they are confident and are able to explain the book and answer a vairty of questions based on what they have read. As they move onto the higher stages, the books are longer and they usually spend longer on that stage.

Below is a list of things the children should be able to do by the end of Year 2 to help;

Read accurately most words of two or more syllables.
Read most words containing common suffixes.
Read most common exception words.
In age-appropriate books, read most words accurately without overt sounding and blending and sufficiently fluently to allow them to focus on their understanding rather than on decoding individual words.
Sound out most unfamiliar words accurately, without undue hesitation.
In a book that they can already read fluently, check it makes sense to them, correcting any inaccurate reading.
Answer questions and make some inferences.
Explain what has happened so far in what they have read.


I have attached a list of questions you could ask the children while reading to help.

Reading comprehension for children at home

Miss Gilbranch


We had a lovely end to last week and a great start to this week! The children have been working hard with some sentence structure work and ordering numbers in Maths. We looked at things that make us happy and also doing our daily phonics lessons. They also created some science posters about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores!


We went outside today to find the leaves that have been falling off the trees. We then created pictures using our leaves, paint and sponges. We also created an autumn themed fingerprint tree. The children got very messy and had great fun!


Badgers have been working hard this week. We have been reading our class book THUD and they have really enjoyed the story. We have been writing lots of descriptions of the characters and they have written a letter to Raymond.



We have been doing lots of practical work learning about place value in Maths.
The children enjoy Maths and have been completing some challenges in class.







We do lots of Phonics work and reading in class to help us with our fluency and understanding. The children enjoy Guided Reading as a group because they can listen to their friends read and we talk about the book together as a group. It also means I can listen to everyone read!


The children have been dancing in PE and showing off their moves to Mr Riccio!


Hello Badgers and Parents!

I will be posting an update on what has been happening in class and what Badgers have been learning during the week each Tuesday or Thursday, so keep an eye out.

The Badgers are becoming much more settled now. The Year ones are doing so well with the changes and the more formal style of learning. We have our ups and downs and that is to be expected, I know it can sometimes be tricky and writing isn’t always our favorite thing to do but they really are trying hard and the more we do the better we get :).

I mentioned in my message yesterday about posting some work the children did for our Gingerbread Man display. The children already knew the story well and enjoyed retelling it. It is always more tricky when we come to write the story but I was really impressed with the whole class’ effort and the work they produced.


Good morning Badgers! Welcome to Monday and the last 2 days of school. I hope you are looking forward to your Summer break!


For today and Tuesday I would like you to do some activities about moving to the next year group or to your new class. I know a lot of you are excited but also you maybe a little nervous too and that’s OK!
I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of all of you for how you have coped this year with all the extra challenges and how you have worked so well from home. Some of you I will see in class next year and Year 2 I wish you all the best for your time in Squirrels. I look forward to seeing you move on next year and I know you will all be great!

Moving on

I would like you to have a look through the Cautious Caterpillar PowerPoint and then complete a booklet about moving on.


Year 1 



Year 2




I would also like you to practice your times tables. I have added some resources to help you.




Top marks is a great website with lots of games to practice your times tables.


Over the break I would like you to get a picture of you reading in an unusual place. Perhaps you are going on holiday or visiting a new place. You can then bring in your picture in September. It will be lovely to see all the unusual places you found to read in.

I have also added some work for the summer, for those of you who want to do some. Remember it is your holiday so you need time to relax and have a break. If you look back there are lots of websites and ideas you can use if you want to do some extra learning.












I wish you all a lovely week and hope you have a great Summer holiday!
Miss Gilbranch x



Happy Friday Badgers!! I hope you have had a good week!

Today and Monday will be the last posts  before the Summer holidays. I would like to say how pleased I am with how you have engaged with the home learning and I am so proud of how you have kept working in these strange times. All the work I have set will remain on the website so you will be able to access it if you want to do some work over the holidays.


Use your problem solving skills to work out these Problems



How to Say 'Thank You' in Business Communications [PRO TIPS]Praying hands background | Free Vector

This week I would like you to write a Thank You Prayer.
You could say Thank you to a person for the things they have done or you could say Thank You for all the great things that you have in your life.
You could use one of these templates if you would like.


I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Miss Gilbranch x
Good morning Badgers and welcome to Monday 🙂

This week I am posting lots of different ideas for each subject for you to choose from. The projects are based around recycling and the environment, which we looked at last week in Science. If you need any help please do email me. There are lots of games for you to play and videos included.


  • Play on Number Balance – Make the scales equal by ensuring that boths sides total the same value.
Look out of your window or stand in your front garden and count how many cars go past. What is the most popular colour that passes? What is the least popular colour that passes?
Read to the hour and half hour.
Also try this website for other telling the time games
  • Choose a number between 10 and 20. How many different ways can this number be partitioned? Do bigger numbers have more ways they can be partitioned?
I have included two powerpoint about partitioning below.




Discuss after.
  • Read a story that has a woodland in.
  • Messy Magpie



  • Listen to Newsround and discuss what has been happening in the world this week. What new things have you found out?

Phonics/Spellings Tasks

  • Daily phonics – practice your sounds and blend words. Interactive games found on link below.
  • Spell the days of the week


  • Spell common exception words
  • Have a go at these spelling challenges and SPAG activity mats.


Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3


  • Write a ‘thank you’ letter to the people who collect your rubbish and recycling. What could you include in your letter? Can you think of any questions you could ask about recycling or where the rubbish goes?
  • Can you list the plants in your garden or in the house?
  • Write a weather report. Can you use any adjectives?
  • Write a set of clear instructions on how a rainbow is made.

Learning Projects -Science

To be done throughout the week:
The projects this week aims to provide opportunities for you to learn more about the environment. Learning may focus on changes to different environments, the impact of humans on environments, climate change etc .

What a load of rubbish!

With your child look at the rubbish as a family you throw out. Do you help to recycle? How do you sort these into junk and into recycling? Look at the range of items and group them into different material groups. Talk to a family member about how certain groups are plastics and can also look and feel different to each other. Could you design a new way to help recycle more items?

Switch it off

Ask your child to take a look at all the electrical devices in their house. Are they all plugged in? Do they need to be plugged in? How could they create a poster to place around the house to help remind people to switch it off once they have finished.

Save Electricity,

Recycle Paper, Conserve water. What could you include on these? Where could you place these in the house? Can you talk to your family about the posters and how you could help the planet? Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Write and draw!

 Ask your child to choose one thing they could do to help the environment in school. Get them to make a poster to encourage people to do it! Think about the classroom and the school.


There are some lovely ideas below for Art.
Clay self-portraits is  a fun one! Check out this ready-to-teach activity from our Self Portrait scheme of work:

Rock Painting
Grab some pebbles and challenge your class to create their own pet rocks! You can add pipe cleaner tails, card wings, googly eyes – anything!
Alternatively, challenge them to make story rocks by painting the characters, props and settings of a well-known story onto various pebbles so you can retell the story.
Art Club Ideas KS1 Rock Paintings

Piet Mondrian Paintings
Piet Mondrian’s simple style is perfect for little artists to recreate. Challenge them to stick lines of masking tape across an A4 page, then paint in the gaps. Once the tape is removed, use a ruler to draw some black lines and voila! A perfect Mondrian replica.
Art Club Ideas KS1 Piet Mondrian

Kandinsky Circles
Kandinsky’s famous circles are another great work of art that can be easily replicated by younger artists in lots of different ways. Using a coloured grid background, children can use cut-out circles of coloured paper layered on top of each other, as shown in this Colour Creations art lesson:
Art Club Ideas KS1 Kandinsky Circles

Paper Beads
This fun, simple activity will teach you how to make paper beads from triangles of paper. Once they’ve created the beads, they can string them together to make necklaces, keyrings, bracelets and loads of other things!
Art Club Ideas KS1 Paper Beads


This is the last lesson of our ‘Magical Mapping’ unit.

#Lesson Presentation Mapping our Oceans and Seas

Mapping our Oceans Activity Sheet

Mapping our Seas Activity Sheet

Magical Mapping Match-Up with Pictures

I hope you all have a great week!
Miss Gilbranch x


Happy Friday and well done for completing another week! It was lovely to see some of you on Monday and I look forward to seeing you again next week! I hope you  have been doing some great learning at home. If you need any help or are struggling please do email me.


Properties For Sale in Bulmer Tye | Rightmove
This weeks lesson is all about looking at the world from above.
Have a look at the power point and complete the activities.
#Lesson Presentation Viewing from Above
Aerial Photographs Photopack
Viewing from Above Activity Sheet
Up Above or From the Ground Activity Sheet


Look at this lesson about the main parts of a computer.
Play a game
Miss Gilbranch x
Good morning Badgers and happy Wednesday! I set more activities on Monday so I won’t set as much today because I am sure you are still working through these.



KS1 Places of Muslim Pilgrimage Teaching and Task Setting PowerPoint

Today I would like you to learn about the Muslim Pilgrimage of Hajj.
Have a look at this power point and then complete the task it sets.



Joan Miró, Exhibition, Sculpture, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam ...

Now that you have learned all about Juan Miro choose one of the challenge cards below to create your own piece of art work.

Miro Challenge Cards


Don’t forget the Oak Academy Trust website which has a lot of useful learning resources and lessons. There are lessons and activities for each year group.

I hope you have a great couple of days! Miss Gilbranch x



Good Morning Badgers and welcome to Monday! Most of you will be in today and we will do some of these activities and some ‘back to school’ activities aswell 🙂


This week I would like you to have a go at the challenges below. These will use a range of Maths skills and you will need to apply them to solve the problem. Make sure you read the problem carefully. ‘RUCSAC’ will help you with these.

RUCSAC Display Posters




I would like you to learn about contractions today.





This week’s lesson is about recycling. We have discussed this in class a lot and it is really important that we all play our part in this to look after the environment. This lesson shows us about the recycling process and how to sort out recycling.

Recycling Lesson Presentation

Recycling Sequencing Activity Sheets

Recycling Sorting Activity


Shape poetry is a form of visual poetry in which the text is arranged into a specific shape, I would like you to use the shape of a medicine bottle. I have included a template or you can draw your own.
I would like you to write a ‘shape poem’ about anything to do with the story. It could be about the potion, about George’s Grandma or George. It could be a poem about the story. Remember poems don’t always have to rhyme!



For today’s activity I would like you to draw an animal after it has been giving George’s Medicine. Think of what happened to the animals in the story and what they looked like. I can’t wait to see some of your pictures so please send me these.

This is all for today. I hope you enjoy the activities. Please send me some pictures and don’t forget to email me if you need any help or advice.
Miss Gilbranch x


Happy Friday Badgers! I hope you have had a good week. I am looking forward to seeing most of you on Monday. I know some of you maybe a little nervous about returning so I have included an e- book and a little poem below for you to read about coming back to school. It may feel a little strange at first but I bet you are excited about seeing your friends :). We will be doing lots of fun activities and you can tell me all about your learning and the fun you have had at home.




We are finishing off our lessons on Juan Miro. You need to either paint your sculpture you made last week or paint one of Juan’s. Can you paint each part of your sculpture in blocks of bright colours? Can you use black to add some simple details to their sculpture?
Extension: Using the My Sculpture and Mirό’s Sculpture Activity Sheet, compare your sculpture to one of Mirό’s and record similarities and differences.

#Lesson Presentation Surrealist Sculpture Designs

Activity Sheet Joan Miro Writing Frames

Activity Sheet Complete the Joan Miro Sculpture

Activity Sheet My Sculpture and Miros Sculpture


I would like you to finish off the story with Part 4 and 5 with Rick Myall.


Reading is so important and I would like you to read at least 3 times a week. If you do a little bit every day ( even if it is reading before bed) then that is even better. I would like you to have a go at the reading comprehension activities below.
Year 1
Year 2
Miss Gilbranch
Good morning Badgers and welcome to a new month! I set quite a few activities on Monday so there will be less today. I hope you are all getting on well with your home learning. Remember if you do need any help please email me.


The Five Pillars of Islam Year 2 Lesson Pack 4 - Twinkl Resource

Today I would like you to learn all about The 5 Pillars of Islam. Look through the power point and then choose 1 of the activity sheets to complete.




We are carrying on with our Atlas skills that we started last week. I have attached a lesson presentation and a variety of activities to do. You will be finding places around the world in an atlas. If you don’t have an atlas you can use a map of the world online.

#Lesson Presentation Atlas Skills – The World

What a Wonderful World Word Search

Atlas Riddles

Differentiated Atlas Alphabetical Order Activity Sheet

Create a Continent Activity Sheet

Continents and Ocean Atlas Checklist


Level 5 Week 4 Lesson 3 Presentation

Newspaper Shark Craft

Shark Families

I hope you have a lovely couple of days and enjoy the activities.
Miss Gilbranch x



Good morning Badgers! I hope you had a lovely restful, long weekend.
I am sorry about Padlet. It seems to be very temperamental  at the moment. If you would like to email me pictures that is fine but I am still checking it.


For this week’s English I would like you to create an advertising poster for either your medicine or George’s. You have got to get people to buy the medicine so think about how you can make your poster attractive, informative and persuasive.
Have a look through the powerpoint below for some help. Make your poster stand out!



This week’s lesson is about changing shape. Look through the powerpoint and then have a go at the experiment to see if you can bend, twist, stretch or squash different materials.

Lesson Presentation Changing Shape

Changing Shapes Activity Sheet


I would like you to carry on with learning about time. We looked at o’clock and half past in class and are starting to look at quarter past and quarter to. It is important to know about the 5 minute intervals too! Your five times tables will help with this.
I have added a range of sheets and powerpoint. You can choose what you need to work on depending on where you are at with telling the time as I know a lot of you have been working on this at home.



Telling the Time Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to Task Setter Powerpoint Editable

Middle Ability

Telling the Time Quarter Past Quarter to and Half Past Activity Sheet


Year 2 Middle

Year 1 Middle



We looked at the ‘ed’ suffix last week. This week I would like you to learn about the ‘ing’ suffix.





Watch this video about staying safe online.
Computers are great and so useful but always make sure you stay safe and don’t share personal information with anyone you meet online.

That is all to start you off this week. If you have any problems or questions please don’t forget to email me.
Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and happy Wednesday! I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine 🙂 don’t forget your suncream and to wear a hat as it is very hot!

These activities are for the rest of the week as we have a non-pupil day on Friday.


Our next lesson is all about Atlas Skills. Look though the powerpoint and then have a go at the Atlas scavenging activity.

#Lesson Presentation Atlas Skills – The UK

Differentiated Atlas Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet



This week I would like you to learn about Islam and The Qur’an.

Have a look at this power point.
Talk to an adult who will help you with some of the words and then there is an activity at the end of the power point for you to complete.



Check out this lesson on algorithms.


I would like you to choose your favourite book and read it with an adult.
I would then like you to have a go at the activity below.

Place yourself in the shoes of one of the characters you have just  read about and write a diary entry of a key moment from the  story.
Try to choose a moment in the story in which the character has  plenty of interaction and emotion to share in a diary entry.
Your diary entry should be around a page in length and contain  information you learnt from the book when the character was in  that specific place and time.
Remember when you are writing a diary entry you are writing it  from first person perspective. It is usually but not always written  in present tense.


Exercise and Wellbeing


I would like you to go for a walk somewhere and enjoy the sunshine. While your walking, I would like you to take in your surroundings and listen to the sounds around you. If you are able to go to a wood or somewhere with lots of nature, I would like you to spot what animals, trees, flowers, insects you see. If you have a camera, take some pictures of your favourite things. You could send these to me or upload these to our padlet.




We are carrying on with our Juan Miro learning. This weeks’s lesson is about surreal sculpture. I would then like you to design your own sculpture. The powerpoint tells you what to do. I have attached a design template below. You can use anything from around the house to make your sculpture like paper, plasticine or old recycling.


Activity Sheet Surrealist Surreal Sculpture Design

Surrealist Sculpture Design Collage Images


I hope you have a great week!

Miss Gilbranch x
Happy Monday Badgers and welcome to another shiny new week 🙂



We are going to be recapping learning how to tell the time this week. Lots of you have been practicing this already and lots of you are really good at telling the time so this will be some good revision.

Year 1





Year 2






On Friday you watched part 4 where George gave Grandma the medicine. You have also had a go at making your own marvellous medicine. I would now like you to write a set of instructions about how to make your medicine for someone else to make it.
First look through the Instuctions powerpoint below.


I have attached a template for you to use. Remember to list your ingredients and make sure you instructions are in the right order and are clear so someone can easily follow them to make your medicine.


I would like you to learn about using the suffix ‘ed’. Look through the powerpoint and have a go at the worksheets below.

Year 2

‘ to verbs HA

Year 1

‘ to verbs LA

Have a go at this fun game “Karate Cats’ on BBC bitesize to practice your punctuation

That is all to start you off for this week. I hope you have a great couple of days and don’t forget to email me if you have any questions.
Miss Gilbranch


Welcome to the end of another week. I hope you enjoyed the activities this week.

This Sunday is Father’s day. To celebrate I would like you to make a card for your daddy or another special person in your life such as granddad or uncle or anyone you think deserves a card.
I have added some nice templates below but feel free to design your own card if you prefer.



Card Speech Bubble

Craft Instruction


I would like you to watch the third part of our story with Rick Myall. This is where we find out what happens to Grandma after she takes her medicine!


Check out this lesson on algorithms.


I would like you to look through the powerpoint and learn about how artists make their own books. Then I want you to have a go at some object printing. Choose objects around the house or garden that you can use to print.

Lesson Presentation Livres d Artiste

Activity Sheet Printing With Objects

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to Wednesday! I hope you are all having a good week so far!

Today’s activities are below for today and Thursday.


We are carrying on with our material theme this weeks lesson is about comparing suitability. We discussed making a coat out of paper in class and then tested it by making it wet. It didn’t last long. What things can you think of that really wouldn’t work if they were made out of the wrong material?

Comparing Suitability Lesson Presentation

Comparing Suitability Activity Sheet


This week’s lesson is about places of worship. You will learn out mosques and the different parts of the building and how Muslims worship.






 I would like you to learn about exclamation marks and when they are used.



Lastly, I would love you to send me some pictures of you learning or playing and having fun so I can share them with the children who are back at school.
We have added some of your great work to a display in the classroom.


Have a great couple of days!

Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to a new week! The sun is shining again 🙂


This week I would like Year 2 to learn about measuring temperature. Have a look through the powerpoint and have a go at the activity.

Lesso Y2-Summer-Block-4-WO7-Temperature-2020


Year 1 I would like you to practice your place value.






For English I would like you to write a character description. I would like you to pick your favourite character from our book and describe them. Maybe you want to describe Grandma or George?
Have a look through the adjectives and conjunctions powerpoint. I would like you to use adjectives and conjunctions in your description.


Conjunctions powerpoint

Handwriting and Spelling

I would like you to practice your common exception words and your handwriting. If you don’t have a printer then you can copy them from the screen.




Our second lesson for our unit Magical Mapping is all about routes.
The activity is to draw a route starting at school but you can start from your home and choose where you go.

#Lesson Presentation Routing Around

Make a Compass Activity Sheet

Planning a Route Activity Sheet

Compass Prompt Cards

Route Planning Word Grid A4

I hope you have a lovely couple of days. Don’t forget to email me if you need anything at all.
I saw this quote and thought I would make it my mission to make someone smile today. Can you make somebody smile today? 🙂

Miss Gilbranch


Happy Friday! I hope you have had a great week. We made our marvellous medicine yesterday and the Badgers had a great time 🙂


To link with our George’s marvellous medicine story I would like you to learn about capacity.
Look at this power point and then complete the activities.





Surrealism lesson 2
Have a look at this power point about Joan Miro and then complete the activities.



That is all for today as then it is the weekend.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Today’s Road Dahl quote is about remembering that we are all different and that is what makes us all special 🙂

Miss Gilbranch




Good morning Badgers! I hope you are all having a great week so far! The weather has brightened up again so I hope you are getting out and having some lovely walks.

DT and Maths

 I would like you to make your very own Marvellous Medicine! Think about what you are going to put in it to make it marvellous. Perhaps you want to make it gruesome :). I would like you to measure your ingredients as you add them.

I have included a powerpoint about measuring out things.

Weighing and Measuring

 I then want you to  list your ingredients and write how much of each ingredient you added.
You could then have a go at the sheet below.



We have been learning about Ramadan and this week I would like you to find out about the festival of Eid al-Fitr.
Have a look through the powerpoint below;


Then have a go at the activities.




Spelling and Phonics

I would like you to look at the website below and have a go at the various games and activities for Phonics and spellings.
Year 1 if you look at the 5-7 category and Year 2 if you look at the 7-11 category.
I hope you enjoy being potion makers and I can’t wait to see your potions. I am missing the Badgers that are not in school so please send me any photos or upload them to Padlet.
I can’t wait to see your potions! We will be making them in class so I will upload some photos on Friday.
and from Roald Dahl;

Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to a new week!


I would like you to watch Part 2 of George’s Marvellous Medicine with Rick Mayall and, if you have the book at home, read the next section all about how George makes his medicine!
He adds some very weird and gruesome ingredients.

I would then like you to do some role play called hot seating. This is where you ask someone questions as if they are a character from the book.
First I would like you to ask an adult to be ‘Grandma’ and you ask them questions to find out more about their character. Then swap and you become Grandma and your adult asks you questions. Think about Grandma and what she is like in the book when you are answering your questions.
The poster below will also explain what hot seating is.



Lesson 2 of materials is all about materials you find ‘out and about’.
Go through the powerpoint and have a go at the activity. It involves you going for a walk so if you want to so this when the weather is nicer that’s fine!

Out and About Lesson Presentation

Out and About Activity Sheet

Today is World Oceans Day! So we are going to do some extra science and learn about world ocean day. I have added some activities to do and also take a look at the world ocean day for schools website with learning and videos through the day to watch and see.


World Oceans Day Word Search

World Oceans Day Acrostic Poem

My Oceans Mini Book

World Oceans Day Colouring In Sheet

The Five Oceans Labelling Map Activity Sheet

As our science topic is about materials and one of the problems we are facing with our oceans is plastic pollution, I would like you to research about plastic pollution and find out the answers to these questions;
How does plastic get into the oceans?
What problems does plastic cause when it goes into our oceans?
How can we reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean?
What can we do as individuals to reduce plastic pollution?
I would then like you to create a little book or fact file with the information you have found.
I would also like you to create a poster to raise awareness about plastic pollution and how we can reduce it.

I hope you enjoy finding out about World Oceans Day!
Have a great Monday and here is today’s Roald Dahl quote.

Miss Gilbranch


Happy Friday Badgers! I have enjoyed being back in school with some of the Year 1s this week. I hope you have had a good week learning at home. Here are today’s activities;


Have a look through the powerpoint for ‘sh’ ‘th’ ‘th’ and ng’

Level 3 Week 3 Lesson 5 Presentation

I have added some quick activity ideas for phonics. There are some Year 1 and Year 2 ideas.


Also below is a great website for some fun phonics games and learning ideas.


I thought it would be fun to have go at making one of these toilet roll animals.

Toilet Roll Bunny – Craft Instructions

Toilet Roll Chick – Craft Instructions

Toilet Roll Ladybird – Craft Instructions

Toilet Roll Octopus – Craft Instructions

Toilet Roll Owl – Craft Instructions


I would like you to practice your capital letters and full stops. Watch this catchy video first;

I have added the sheet below. If you don’t have a printer practice writing some sentences with a capital letter and full stop. You could also practice using questions marks and exclamation marks,


I hope you have lovely weekend 🙂 don’t forget to email me your work or put it on Padlet.
Miss Gilbranch



Hello Badgers and welcome to Wednesday. I hope you have had a nice couple of days and enjoyed starting George’s Marvellous Medicine.



Magical Mapping

Have a look through the learning powerpoint and then have a go at the activity to sketch a map of school or if its easier you can sketch a map your local area.

#Lesson Presentation Mapping It Out

My School – Sketch Map Activity Sheet


We are going to be learning all about the artist ‘Juan Miro’.
Have a look at the information powerpoint all about him and then have a go at the activity as described in the powerpoint.

#Lesson Presentation Magical Realism

Activity Sheet The Farm

My Life Word Mat


I would like you to have a look at the clips and learning videos on the BBC Bitesize website for computer science.


I would like you to listen to the following story and have a go at the activity which is about thinking about your special talent.
I have added the sheet incase you want to print it out or you can just draw yourself and write about your talent in your book.
I have also added a story sequencing activity if you want to have a go 🙂

t-p-698-my-special-talent-pshce-activity-sheet_ver_3 t-


My Roald Dahl quote today is

I love this one. It is so important to believe in yourselves 🙂
Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to June and a new half term! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely week off and enjoyed the sun!


First I would like you to write all about what you did this half term. I would love to hear about what you did during your week off.
Have a look through the recount powerpoint to remind you what to include in your recount.

writing a recount copy

For this half term our English work is going to be based around  one of Roald Dahl’s books; ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. If you have the book at home that is great, if not there is a great retelling of the story on you tube by Rick Mayall. He tells the story and acts it out.

I would like you to watch the first part below and if you have the book you could read it. We would be doing this as a shared book as it’s a bit trickier so ask an adult for help or they can read it if you get stuck.


This half term we are going to learn about Islam. Please see the powerpoint below introducing Ramadan. I have then included an activity worksheet to complete and some colouring pages.




We are moving on to learning about Everyday Materials this half term. I would like you to go through the powerpoint below all about identifying uses of materials and then complete the worksheet attached,

Identifying Uses Lesson Presentation

Identifying Uses of Everyday Materials

Uses of Everyday Materials Photo Cards


I would like you to look at the place value learning page on BBC Bitesize
Then have a go at the examples and play the quiz after the video.
I would then like Year 1s to have a go at the following pack. You can choose which activities you would like to to.
Activity Booklet
and Year 2 to have ago at the following pack. You can choose which activities you would like to do.
I look forward to seeing some of you back in school and your work on Padlet for those who are still at home.
I will be posting some lovely Roald Dahl quotes and today’s is one of my favourites.





Good morning Badgers! It is Friday! It has been a lovely sunny week and you have all been doing some fantastic work and learning.
Firstly I would love to see how your plants are doing. Please upload or email me some pictures to show me how they have grown since you planted them.


To finish off our History topic I would like you to think of and design your own mode of transport. I would like you to then create a poster advert for your mode of transport, selling it to me. Perhaps you will design a flying carpet or flying bike or perhaps a hover board? I want you to think about how you can make your poster eye catching, informative and persuasive.
I am excited to see some of your ideas 🙂


I would like you to make a fruit salad! Please don’t go out of your way to buy fruit but if you have some different fruits at home or you are due to go shop[ing and can pick some up it would be lovely to see what fruits you put in. If you can’t make one just think about what fruits you would put in.
Make a list of the fruits you add or draw pictures.
I would like you to do some research on some different fruits too. What is the most unusual fruit you can find out about? What fruits have you not tried before?

After have a go at this fun guess the fruit or vegetable  powerpoint!


I have also attached some lovely fruit colouring pages.



I know a lot of you have been writing letters and sending cards. I would like you to send a postcard over the weekend or next week to a relative or a friend to cheer them up and see how they are doing. 
Below is a postcard powerpoint for tips and a template you can use.


Finally I found this cute, short film on Literacy Shed and I have attached an activity pack based around it, with some lovely activities to do. There are lots of activities and I am not expecting you to do them all but I thought the children might like to do some over half term but this is not an expectation. Alternately you might just like to watch the video and discuss it.

A Cloudy Lesson KS1 Activity Pack – Activity Pack

There are numerous websites out there such as Twinkl, White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize with lessons and home learning ideas.  
I also know a lot of you have your own routines, are doing some great home learning and have found great resources, websites and books. If you would like to continue this over half term that is fine but I won’t be posting any work for next week as it is half term.
I hope you all have a lovely half term and a well deserved rest! I would like to thank you for all your efforts and congratulate you all on some lovely work!

Miss Gilbranch x


Good morning Badgers and welcome to Wednesday! I hope you enjoyed your activities based around Highway Rat. I have seen some lovely work on Padlet!

We are finishing off our topics today and Friday.


Can you write a new story for Superworm?
What happens to him next? Where does he go? What does he do?
Does he rescue someone? or get into more trouble?
Use this checklist to help you.

How to write a good story

And use this story planner to help you.

Story Planner template


I would like you to try these problem solving challenges.

Year 1


Year 2



This week I would like you to learn about the Christian festival of Pentecost.


Then complete the activity worksheet with key questions



Watch this BBC Bitesize video about the life cycle of a plant;

I have also attached a useful powerpoint below


I would then like you to create your own poster to show the life cycle of a plant with the different stages. Maybe you want to draw the life cycle of your own plant that you planted at the beginning of our topic or you could do a sunflower as you drew one last week.

That is all for today as you may have some activities left from Monday. I hope you have a lovely couple of days and to finish off I would like you to watch this little video book if you are worried about the changes and what is happening in the world.

Miss Gilbranch x


Good morning Badgers and welcome to a new week! I hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend.


See my reading video below for this week’s book:

Highway Rat  

I have decided to base all today’s activities around this book. I will go back to finish off our units that we stared but for today and Tuesday I would like you to have a go at some of these activities. Don’t worry if you don’t do them all.


Make a wanted poster for the Highway Rat. Think about what to include such as a description and a picture of the highway rat, reward and who to contact.
I have added a template in case you want to use it.



The Highway Rat’s manners were ‘rough and rude’. Can you make a list of good manners to help the Highway Rat be nicer to others?


Create a price list for the cake shop and imagine that some customers would like to buy a selection of the cakes. How much will they need to pay? How much change will they need to be given? What coins would be used for this?


I would like you to draw or paint a picture of the Highway Rat.


Think about all the different foods that the highway rat steals from the other animals. Research what rats should eat in the wild.


Find out about the highwaymen of the past. What did they do? Do you know the names of any famous highwaymen?
I hope you have a lovely couple of days and enjoy Highway Rat!
Miss Gilbranch x


Happy Friday Badgers! I hope you have all had a good week!


I would like you to read the e book below and then have a go at the guided reading questions on the powerpoint.



I have also included a newspaper report activity and some more comprehension questions you can try if you want to.




Last term we looked at the country of Kenya and learned all about what it was like there.
Take a look at this power point about the continent of Africa.


Then have a go at one of these reading comprehension sheets.
There are 3 to choose from. The first one is the easiest!



Have a look at some of the great Computing lessons on the BBC bitesize website. There is lots to learn about Computing Science and Digital Literacy.

I am waiting for my new Julia Donalsdon book to arrive in the post so I will be reading another book Monday instead of today.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and here is a little reminder for you;

Miss Gilbranch x


Good morning Badgers and welcome to Wednesday! Here are your activities for the next couple of days.


I set your Maths on Monday but today is National Numeracy Day. Please have a look at the BBC learning page for some fun ideas for Maths activities.


Places of worship.
People around the world go to lots of different places to pray and to worship.
Look through this power point and see how many you know.


Then have a go at this sorting activity.



I would like you to join in with Arts for Kids Hub and draw a sunflower. This is a great channel on You Tube for lots of fun drawing and Art. He goes through each part step by step and it is lots of fun!


Carrying on with our weather theme I would like you to have go a making a simple rain gauge.

t-t-2546790-sun-safety-poster-design-activity-sheet t-sc-2549749-simple-rain-gauge-craft-instructions_ver_1

If you don’t have the equipment you could have a go at making a sun safety poster instead. We have had lots of sun lately and are likely to get more. It is important to stay safe whilst also enjoying the sun.



For this weeks cooking challenge I would like you to make chocolate crispy cakes. These are one of my favourite treats. You can decorate them with whatever you like or just leave them plain. I have included a link to a recipe but you may have already made these before or have your own recipe. 


I know lots of you have been learning the common exception words I sent home and learning your phonics. This is really important to carry on with this each week. I have added some useful and fun websites you can use for some ideas for spelling and phonics games.

I hope you have a lovely day Badgers and my quote for today is from Dr Seuss again;

Miss Gilbranch x



Good morning Badgers and welcome to a new week. I hope you all had a lovely long weekend in the sun. I have been enjoying your self portraits this week. I have very artistic Badgers :).

So for this week we are carrying on with our topics and Superworm!
Today is English, Maths, Science and History. On Wednesday we will do Geography, RE, Art and DT. Friday will be Spellings and Phonics.
I would like you to write a thank you letter for this weeks task. This letter is to be addressed to Superworm and can be from any other character in the book. Think about what Superworm did and why you are thanking him.

Have a look through the powerpoint below to help you set out your letter and to see what you need to include.

This week we are going to learn about what plants we find in the kitchen. What different plants do you eat at home? What different plants do we use to make food? When you start looking and researching you will see that we use plants not only for food but to make all sorts of things. Have a look through the powerpoint below and see if you can find different foods in your kitchen made out of plants. You could take pictures of them or make a list and draw them.


I have also attached an activity sheet to do.


Year 1
 I would like you to look at the repeating patterns powerpoint and have a go at creating your own caterpillars by finishing the colour patterns.



Year 2
I would like you to carry on with position and direction.
Check out hip hop granny and have a go at the moves she tells you.
I have attached some sheets if you would like to do these.
Activity Cards – Describe Movement
Our next lesson is all about Cars! I know a lot of you love cars. We are going to be looking at how cars have changed over time. Look through the powerpoint and then complete the ‘now and then’ comparison activity sheet. Or you could create a timeline showing how cars have changed over time.

#Lesson Presentation A History of Cars

Activity Sheet Old and New Car Comparison

I hope you all have a great Monday and remember we all have days where we find things more difficult and this is OK. Remember there is always a new day and you can start again.


Good morning Badgers. I am posting today as it is bank holiday tomorrow and I would like you to all enjoy a restful, sunny weekend.

On Friday it is the 75th anniversary of the end of the second wold war so we are going to learn about VE Day and what it is.


This power point will help to understand what it is all about.

VE day power point

Look through the presentation and talk to your family about it.
Lots of people will be having a family party on Friday.
Here is some bunting to decorate your house.

VE Day Bunting

VE day colouring

There are lots of further resources on Twinkl if you want to have a look for some more activities.

Try this 3 minute body scan. It is really good for relaxation and mindfulness.

I have also attached some mindfulness challenge cards for you to have a go at over the long weekend.


Reading and Cutting Practice

Listen to the story either before bedtime over the weekend and complete the cutting activity sheet. There is also a play dough activity if you want to try this.



Don’t forget to email me your work or if you need any help or advice, you can also post your work on Padlet.
That is all the activities for the week. I know a lot of you have been struggling this week and missing your friends. Don’t be disheartened it is normal to have good days and bad days and even good weeks and bad weeks. Remember you are all trying your best and doing really well. Maybe you can video call your friends this weekend or write them an email or a letter and just remember;


Happy Wednesday Badgers! I have really enjoyed seeing all your work this week and I am especially impressed with the amazing Viking Longboats you have been making! You should all be proud of the wonderful work you are doing and how hard you are working.

So for today’s activities;


Carrying on with our Buddhism topic I would like you to go through the powerpoint about Buddhist symbols.


The task is at the end of the powerpoint.


You have all been making some lovely food and so for this week I would like you to design and make a sandwich. Have a look at the video from Warburtons and the sandwich generator sheet and then have a go at designing your sandwich and then making your sandwich.

Worksheet – Sandwich Generator

Worksheet – Design a sandwich


For Art I would like you to draw your own cartoon self portrait using the video by Rob Biddulph below. His videos are great for learning how to draw. It shows you step by step how to draw your portrait and personalise it.

Here is one my older brother did. He is also a school teacher in Colchester and teaches Year 5 :). I will do one of myself today and upload mine onto Padlet.


I would like you to play the ‘Alphabet ball’ at some point this week. The rules are below. It is a fun and active way to learn your phonics sounds or spellings. You could adapt this to think of words beginning with the phonics sounds we have been learning.

The rules to the alphabet ball game are simple.
The more active you make the game, the more fun it is.
You can kick the ball to each other, do wild throws (I do this unintentionally sometimes), making your little one dive to catch the ball, or instead of throwing the ball when your child gives you the correct word, you can run after them to try to tag them with the ball.
The more giggles, the better.
That way, your child will be too happy playing to feel any stress about naming the right letters.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

I would like you to make a ‘Things to look forward to Jar’. You can use anything you have at home for the jar. The link goes through how you can make one but feel free to do it differently. These are things you are looking forward to in the future. 🙂


Have a lovely Wednesday
Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to another week!
Just a note about the activities I set. Firstly I know some people have not got printers and it is ok to do you own sheets or just use your exercise books using the templates I add on to the website. Also please don’t feel pressured to complete all the activities. Choose the ones you want to do and that interest you. It is of course important to do some Maths and English each week and to read every day if you can.


Last week you thought about what plants need to grow and I hope this will help you to look after your seeds that you planted. Remember to water them and make sure they get enough sunlight. I know some of you have already grown some plants and are using them in the kitchen!
For this week’s Science I would like you to label the parts of a plant. Have a look through the powerpoint below and then either use the template I have included or get creative and draw your own plant to label.





Please look over the powerpoint about how transport has changed over time. There a few activities to choose from to complete after you have looked through this.

#Lesson Presentation How Has Transport Changed

Activity Sheet Travel and Transport Timeline


I would like you to choose a character so an animal or mini beast from the book. Perhaps it will be Superworm himself or the bees or toad? I would then like you to research about them and create a mini fact file. For the Art element of it you will need to design your front cover and draw a picture of your chosen character. You will need a book or the internet to research. I have added a template to use or you can design your own.



Year 2
I would like you to look at position and direction this week. I have added a powerpoint to start you off. There are lots of practical ways you can learn about this. I have added a ‘warm up’ presentation and then a further one. There are lots of activities on this so just choose the ones you want to do.

t-t-10000130-parts-of-a-plant-powerpoint_ver_3 Year-2-Summer-Block-1—Position-and-Direction-Full-File Y1-Lesson-1-Find-and-make-number-bonds-2019
Year 1
I would like you to have a look at the number bonds Lesson 1 from week 3
Then complete the activity
If you get this done and you would like to look at the Year 2 ‘warm up’ powerpoint for position and direction then go ahead :).


Children it is time for you to become quiz masters and test an adult in your house. I would like you to choose your favourite book from home or why not Superworm? Then I would like you to think of some questions to ask an adult in your house about the book. Your adult will have to read the book and answer your questions about it.
For instance for Superworm….
Who did Superworm save from a major road? or….What different things did Superworm become in the book?

I hope you have a lovely Monday and my thought for today is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Through mistakes we get better at things and learn.


Happy first day of the month Badgers and welcome to May!

Another great week and I can see you have all been super busy and working hard so nothing to set today however;
Here is this week’s reading. I hope you enjoy it. A ‘suggestion’ of a fun activity at the end if you would like to do it.

Also see this link for a super competition you can enter through John Lewis!

Have a lovely weekend
Miss Gilbranch


Happy Wednesday Badgers!
I was looking back at how I learnt to spell Wednesday (when I was at school) and this image reminded me of exactly how I used to sound it out in my head 🙂 I wonder if you can spell it already, if not try using this method.

I have enjoyed your super worm videos so much and I have been craving pizza since you have been uploading and sending all your amazing pizzas that you have made! So for today’s activities;


Today’s activity is to find out about some Early travel; the Viking Longboat. 
I have attached a powerpoint you can look through to start you off. I would then like you research and find out some interesting information and facts about it so that you can create a mini fact file. I would like you to include a cover page, a drawing of a longboat and some facts about it. If you have the resources and feel like being adventurous why not try to make one!? 
I have attached the powerpoint below and a pdf for an idea to make one along with a template.

#Lesson Presentation Early Travel The Viking Longboats

Make a Viking Longboat Craft Activity

Make a Viking Longboat Craft Template


I was so impressed with your pizzas that my next cooking challenge is to make a simple vegetable soup. Don’t worry if you haven’t got anything to make one ( please don’t go out making special trips) but if you have some vegetables at home I would love you to make a healthy, wholesome soup.

For our Spring project we were learning about Kenya and where it was in the world. I would like you to recap the continents of the world, name them and find them using a map, globe, atlas or a map online.

Please don’t forget the BBC Bitesize daily lessons that are available. Lots of celebrities are getting involved and David Attenborough is going to be doing some Geography lessons. What a treat!

I hope you have a lovely couple of days and I will be back on Friday to read another book for you 🙂 It is another Julia Donaldson book. I wonder if you can guess which one? Send me your guesses and I will reveal who go it right in my video!
Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to another week!

I am really pleased with the interaction with the activities from the website and the posts on Padlet. You are also working on your Kenya projects which have are looking amazing!

This week we are continuing with our topics that we started last week.


Some of you had already planted your seeds or bulbs and so are a little further ahead with your plant growing but most have now planted something. For your activity I would like you to find out what your plants need to survive and grow. You will have already thought about this to ensure you are looking after them. I would like you to then draw a picture or do some writing to show what they need to survive and grow.

Here are some ideas below.


I have been receiving some of your videos of you reading Superworm and I am really impressed with your reading. Your fluency and expression is excellent. Now you have read the book I would like you to draw a cartoon strip to recount the story. You don’t have to include all the parts of the story but think of the main parts you need to include. I have added a template below but feel free to do this yourself if you prefer. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures of super worm 🙂



Year 2 we are continuing our unit about Measurement, looking at Length and Height. It is

Lesson 4 – Measure length (m)

Please see the following link:

Below is the activity to go with the lesson.


Year 1 we are making equal groups.

Lesson 2 – Make equal groups (grouping)

Please see the following link:

Below is the activity to go with the lesson:



Carrying on with Buddhism please see the powerpoint all about the story of Buddha.


Look through the story powerpoint and discuss.

if you have a printer I have put some Buddha colouring pages below.



I know lots of you have been doing some phonics work looking at the alien words and real words which I sent home in the learning pack.

I love the shoot the sound game with a nerf gun! A great way to learn!

Please see the below powerpoints for Phase 3 and Phase 5 of the letters and sounds programme. Year 1 if you can look through these and practice the sounds as you go through.

Letters and Sounds Phase 3 PowerpointPhase 5 Sound Powerpoint

Phase 5 Sound Powerpoint

Year 2 why not have a go at practicing these sounds too. Any practice is good 🙂

Year 2 If you can also continue practicing the high frequency words I sent home.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and remember


Good Morning Badgers. Only one activity today as I know lots of you are still working through Monday’s and Wednesday’s work. Please don’t feel pressured to do all the activities as I know you are still doing projects and other work alongside the work I am setting.

Today’s focus is reading. I know some of you have Superworm and have read it already. Please see the video below for what I would like you to do. 

Enjoy 🙂

I did say in the video to email me for pages but you should have received this in an email already 🙂

Have a lovely, restful weekend!

Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers! I can see you are all getting on with Monday’s activities and I am really impressed with all the work I am seeing on Padlet. I can’t wait to see how your flowers and plants grow.

I am sure you’re working your way through Monday’s work but here are the next set of activities.


Our History Topic this half term is all about Travel and Transport. We will be looking at how it has changed over the years and when different transport was invented.
For you first task I would like you to speak to an older relative. Perhaps on the phone or video call or even in your house about how transport has developed and what they remember transport being like. How have things changed?

This half term we are looking at the weather. We have had glorious weather lately and I want you to record what the weather is like each day and eventually become weather forecasters! Your first task is to look through the powerpoint below on the different types of weather. I would then like you to record the weather each day. I have attached a sheet to use but you may decide to do this in your own way. I have added some ideas below for ways you can record the weather.
I love the weather stones so if you can find enough stones this would be a great way to record the types of weather 🙂



This week I would like you to do some cooking and make a pizza. I know a lot of you have been helping out in the kitchen and making things. Cooking is such an important life skill and its great to see you getting involved and learning recipes and how to make meals.
You can design your pizza and think about what you would like to have on your pizza. Perhaps think about who you is going to eat it and what they like on their pizza. Then you will need research how to make it. This could be using a cookery book or online. Perhaps you have made pizza before so you already know how to make it.

You can then write some instructions on how you made your pizza and what ingredients you used. I have included a template to use for this below.


I am looking forward to seeing your pictures on padlet. If you prefer you can email them to me too!
My final thought for today is to remember how talented you are as individuals and how you are all good at different things. It is sometimes easy to compare ourselves or worry about someone being better at something than us. I would like you to remember you are all great and unique and that you only have to be the very best you can be. It is important to only run your own race and the only person you have to compete against is yourself.














Good Morning Badgers and welcome back from your Easter Holidays. I have been so impressed with all the work you have been doing over the holidays and your bridges projects have been fantastic! The posts and pictures kept me smiling and I appreciate all the hard work the parents have put in to keep the children learning and doing things over the holidays. I am sure you are keen to get back to some school work after your break :).

I hope you have all seen the SGASA teacher’s dance on our Padlet.

So firstly to update you; I will be uploading work on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will be putting up a mixture of subjects and there will be opportunities for outdoor learning as the weather is being so kind to us! I will put up a few activities each day. If you want to continue with other work you have been doing that is fine. I know a lot of you have routines and are finding activities for the children to do on all the websites available and this is great!


Year 2 we are going to start a new unit about Measurement, looking at Length and Height.

Please see the following link:

Below is the activity to go with the lesson.


Year 1 we are going to be recapping at doubling and halving.

Please see the following link:

Below is the activity to go with the lesson:



I would like you to write a recount about all the exciting things you have been doing over the Easter Holidays. You may have one day in mind or want to write about all the things you did. See the powerpoint below for tips on how to write a recount and what to include.

writing a recount

Did someone say super worm!?

This is our chosen book for this half term. If you have it at home great if not click the picture for a you tube link. Please read this book in preparation for activities we are going to do based on the book.


Please see the high frequency words I put in your packs. There are Year 1 and Year 2 ones. If you can start to practice writing and reading these. The Look, Say, Cover, Write approach is good or find fun ways to remember the spellings.


Our new unit this term is Buddhism. It is important to learn about other religions and cultures and I am looking forward to learning about Buddhism with you. Please see the powerpoint below. There are some questions and acitivities to do through the powerpoint.



We are going to be learning all about plants and I am excited about this topic because plants are so lovely and it is an opportunity for you to get outside and amongst nature.

To start off our learning I would like you to go out and take some picture of different plants and flowers you can find in your garden or on your walks. I would then like you to list what flowers or plants you have found. Remember trees are plants! Some will be easier than others and you might have to do some research. I would also love it if you could plant your own seed or bulb so you can watch it grow. It will help us with our learning over this topic.


For Art I would like you to draw a real life picture of a flower or plant. This could be on a walk, in your garden or at home. Think of the shapes and the colours.

Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize lessons:

Finally today sees the launch of two exciting new resources to help you learn from home. The first is the Oak National Academy, a new online school which has daily English, Maths and Foundation lessons for each year group. Click on the links below to have a look at today’s lessons and to familiarise yourself with the website:

Year 1

Year 2 

BBC Bitesize are also delivering daily lessons on the TV, red button and online at:

I look forward to seeing your work and don’t forget to email if you have any queries or need some advice!

Miss Gilbranch


What another great week we have had Badgers! I have been so impressed with the fabulous work I have seen this week. I am so proud of the way you and your parents have approached the home learning. Not only are you completing the tasks I have set but you are also thinking of different ways to learn and spending lots of time outside in the fresh air! It is great to see you all enjoying your work and trying so hard! 

Now as we approach the weekend and of course the Easter holidays I would like to set an Easter project. This is a project we are completing across the school and I hope you will have lots of fun completing it. Our project is all about bridges…….

The first task is to look at lots of different bridges around the country and around the world. Also look at the different structures of bridges and how they are made. There are lots of lovely resources on Twinkl and I have put some below.



Once they have researched bridges they can then decide what sort of bridge they want to build. Now this will be determined by the resources you have available at home and I appreciate this. You can use lego, toilet roll tubes -this seems quiet apt at this time :), spaghetti, cardboard (check out the recycling bag), lolly sticks, straws. There are lots of ideas online. I have put some pictures below for some ideas.

After you have built your bridge you can then write some instructions on how you built it and what equipment you used. I have attached an example worksheet to complete this below. It would be great to test out your bridge’s strength too!


I would like the children to have fun doing this project and to find out about all bridges along the way.
I have also attached some Easter Story activities below. It is important at this time to learn about why Christians celebrate Easter and why it is important.


We are not going to be setting anymore work over the Easter holidays as the children deserve a rest but you have lots of work and things you can continue to do so if you would like to. I will be replying to emails periodically and checking up on our class Padlet so please do keep uploading work.
Finally I would like to wish you all a very happy, safe and restful Easter. I know it is not going to be our usual holidays and these times are new to all of us but we must all continue support each other and our NHS by staying at home and keeping safe.

Miss Gilbranch


Good morning Badgers and welcome to April!
I have been really impressed with your character description work that I set on Monday. I cant wait to see some habitats and how you have tackled them. It is also lovely to see that you are doing your own work and thinking of ways to approach your learning.
Parents I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work and to say how great it is seeing how well you have adapted and the things you are doing for home learning.

I have got some more suggested tasks and work below, but as previously said this is only if you need it ( some of you I can see are still working through the learning packs and working on the Kenya project. The work I have seen is wonderful.
Writing –
So I would like the children to use the picture and starting line below as a stimulus for a story. It will be great to see where the children’s imaginations take them. Who is the tiger? Who is the girl? Where is she going?

Something called – away in the distance.  “Climb on quick!” She commanded…
Maths –
Year 1
Click on the picture below and it will take you to some lessons about mass and capacity. There are power points and activities for the children to do. You can work through Week 1 and 2.

Year 2
Click on the picture below and it will take you to some lessons about fractions and equivalent fractions including finding a third. There are power points and activities for the children to do. You can work through Week 1 and 2.

Religious Education –
With the run up to Easter and Holy Week starting on Sunday I would like you to look at the PowerPoint below from Twinkl and have a go at the sequencing activity. We will then look at Good Friday and Easter Sunday next week.



Remember I am at the other end of the email for any queries or advice and don’t forget to add to our class padlet.
Lastly some lessons from Dr Suess….


I hope Monday has gone well and you all had a relaxing weekend. Below are some suggestions for work ( only if you need it as you did have a lot to be doing with the packs and our Kenya Project. I hope you are all taking advantage of the free access to all the great websites, Twinkl is fantastic for every subject! Click the logo below.

Reading and Writing – I would like you to choose your favourite book and read it aloud to someone at home, either a few pages or the whole book (if it is short). Then I would like you to choose a character from the book and draw a picture of them and then write a character description. Remember to use adjectives ( describing words) and conjunctions (joining words eg; and, because, but, so) in your description.


The white rose website is fantastic for resources and it is the programme of study that we use in school.

Click on the logo to be directed to the website.

Also for those who have a printer there is some work for Year 1 and Year 2 below.

Year 1:


Year 2:

year 2

Science/Art/DT – We were learning about habitats before we left school so I would love the children to create their own habitat for an animal of their choice. They need to think about what the animal will need and what sort of habitat their animal would live in.

They can draw it, write about it, make a shoebox habitat, or create on in Paint on the computer. I will leave this up to you to decide how you would like to do it as you may have limited resources.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any queries and keep uploading pictures and updates. It is so great to see how the children are getting on.

Just a little note about Padlet to make sure we stay safe online.

  • Don’t use the children’s full names
  • It’s recommended that you don’t post full pictures of the children with their name, but if you are happy to post pictures that is ok.
  • Always be kind
  • Do not share the link outside our school community or on social media.

Lastly a little motivational post for everyone from Mr Walt Disney 🙂

Stay safe and keep well.

Miss Gilbranch


What a brilliant start to home learning. I have had some fantastic updates over the week, both by email and on our class padlet. I have been so impressed with the creativity and how the children are using the outside to learn. The weather has certainly treated us this week!

I have heard from a few more Badgers today which has put a smile on my face. I love seeing what you are all up to and seeing that everyone is well and how the children are doing so well with their learning from home.

I haven’t added too much work this week as you had plenty to do from the packs. I will start to filter some more work in next week, this is only if you need it but please keep up with what you have been doing so far. The daily reading and phonics work, mixed in with some handwriting is so important. Also getting outside and having play time is also key!

It is amazing how we are all taking this journey together and it is new to all of us. Parents you are doing really well and keeping the children positive and in a routine. Just remember to give them down time and time for fun. I am sure with your own work and with everything going on it is a stressful and anxious time for everyone. I hear Disney Plus is available and full of great films :).

We now have a sports padlet and a music one. Please click on the images below and they will take you to the padlets. You can then put any updates for Mr Riccio and Mr Munson on them. They would love to see what you have been up to!

I hope you all have a safe and restful weekend. See you all on Monday!  A little quote to keep you positive on those days that are more difficult. Miss Gilbranch


We have had another lovely sunny day! Getting outside really does make a difference at these times, whilst also following the rule of one walk or run a day. It was lovely to see some videos today and some children taking up yesterday’s tasks.

Today we have a new assembly Padlet. Please see the link below:

For tomorrow I would love to see either a poster or a card for our brilliant NHS staff or key workers who are keeping the country running. Something to show how much we appreciate them at this tough time. It is important to keep our spirits up and everyone around us too!

Keep up the good work, and please do get in touch so I know what you are all up to and how everyone is getting on. I have heard from lots of you already.

Miss Gilbranch


It has been great to see lots of outdoor learning today! Please keep emailing me and updating our Padlet so I can keep in touch with everyone.

I have a few ideas for tomorrow ( if the weather is as nice as it was today).

  1. Go on a bug hunt and record what bugs you find. Then create a pictogram or a bar chart to show your recordings.
  2. Create some 2D shapes out of things you can find outside on a walk or in the garden.
  3. See how many star jumps you can do in a minute – do it with your parents or siblings and see who wins!

Take some pictures or videos. I look forward to seeing your work!

Also another great website for maths challenges is They have lots of mini challenges to get your Maths brains working!

Miss Gilbranch


Hello Badgers and Parents! I hope you are all safe and keeping well. Thank you for all your emails and updates so far. It is great to see you are doing so well with your work and to see the photos of you outside planting and getting out in the sun today!

Please remember to go to the Padlet and upload any photos or information about what you have been learning. It is great to get your updates 🙂

For any parents that want a digital copy of the home learning pack, I have uploaded this below.

Don’t forget the Kenya project that was set. It would be great to see how everyone is tackling that and getting on.

Year 1 Home Learning Pack


Year 2 Home Learning Pack



Home learning for Badger Class: 

Please check back here on Monday for home learning tasks and challenges!

Please find Badger’s Padlet Page and upload any work or pictures of what you have been doing!

Miss Gilbranch 


Good Morning!

Please see the below link for free powerpoints to compliement the primary stars booklet for Year 1.

COVID-19 Year 1

Miss Gilbranch