Below is our Governing Body for The Federation of SGASA.


Governor Category Term of office expiry date
Mrs Penny Doe

Chairman of the Governing Body

Authority 03.09.2021
Mrs Jinnie Nichols

Executive Headteacher

The Head
Mrs Kathryn Benefer Co-opted 22.01.2023
Mrs Carol Everard

Deputy executive Headteacher

Co-opted 18.09.2021
Mrs Helen Padgett

Vice Chairman of the Governing Board

Chairman of the Curriculum Committee

Co-opted 18.09.2021
Mrs Victoria Stokoe Co-opted 18.09.2021
Mr Nick Ellis

Chairman of the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee

Foundation Ex-Officio
Mrs Corinna Brown Foundation P.C.C. 31.08.2021
Mrs Carol Brownlie Foundation P.C.C. 31.08.2021
Mr Mark Pearson Parent 22.01.2023
Mrs Becky Poynter

Clerk to the Governing Board

Agency Clerk (Schools Choice)

Please click on the link below at access the Annual Governance Statement for 2018.

Governance Statement 2019