Category: Squirrels

Self-portraits in Art

In Squirrels’ class we have been developing our skills in drawing our self-portraits.

Measuring in Maths

In Squirrels’ class we have been learning to measure accurately. We enjoyed working in pairs to measure different body parts!

Designing and Making Contraptions.

After studying some of Wallace & Gromit’s contraptions, the children designed and created their own!

Red Nose Day 2015

Here are a few pictures from Squirrels’ class on Red Nose Day 2015!

Red Nose Day 2015

We have had a great day raising money for Comic Relief and making Mother’s day cards!

World Book Day In Squirrels

These photos are from our early morning work on World Book Day. Many of the parents joined us to complete a selection of fun story related activities. These included creating an A-Z of our favourite story titles and developing our own story character. It was a great start to our day!

Class Expedition

As part of our extreme earth topic we went on our own expedition! We imagined the challenges we might face, such as crocodile infested rivers to cross and steep mountains to climb.

Class News

News relating to the four classes will appear here.

Visit to Daws Hall

We visited Daws Hall as part of our study on rivers. It was a brilliant trip, despite heavy rain all morning! The children were able to get in the brook, and collect living creatures to examine and take measurements from the water. A memorable day!