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Our Week in Hedgehog Class

This week we have been busy practising to write our name and numbers up to 10 and beyond. We are learning to recognise the different numbers and then count out that many objects. We also had lots of fun in PE this week when we pretended to move around the hall like different animals!

Our Very First Week of School!

We have had lots of fun this week during our very first week in Hedgehog class! We have been busy exploring our classroom and playing with our new friends. We have been painting pictures of ourselves, writing our name, helping to decorate our birthday display, performing puppet shows and so much more!

PE Fun!

Hedgehogs and Badgers had a fun afternoon of PE in the sunshine on Thursday. We all had a go at hurdles, throwing beanbags into targets, egg and spoon races, batting balls and skipping!

Wiggery Wood!

We had an exciting time in the woods this week making our own ink with charcoal! We even used feathers to write with! We also climbed trees, made mud pies and made our own hedgehog with twigs.

Trip to Boydell’s Farm!

Hedgehog and Badger class have had an amazing day at Boydell’s Farm today! We have milked a cow, fed all the animals and even been able to hold a chick and a lamb. We particularly enjoyed paddling in the stream!

Wiggery Wood Fun!

Hedgehog class have been super busy at Wiggery Wood this morning. We have been making wands, climbing trees, searching for bugs, telling stories and playing in dens! We have had great fun!

World Book Day in Muntjacs

On World Book Day Muntjacs went to Hedgehog class and read stories they had written after Nick Butterworth’s visit. We had a great time. Hedgehogs really enjoyed our stories.

The Ravenous Beast Cafe!

Hedgehog and Badger class had a super week measuring, baking and decorating cakes and biscuits for The Ravenous Beast Cafe! They had a fabulous time and managed to raise over £40 for an upcoming trip to the farm. If you bought some biscuits and cakes at the end of school we hope you enjoyed them!

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