Fun in Hedgehog Class!

Fun in Hedgehog Class!

We have had a super busy week in Hedgehog Class this week! We have been continuing to learn all about subtraction and we have been practising these skills to answer some different problems.

We also had great fun exploring the climbing equipment in PE this week in the hall. We practised our climbing and travelling skills. We talked about how to use the equipment safely and we always made sure we felt safe and confident on the equipment – very grown up Hedgehogs!!

In our English sessions we have been designing our own dinosaurs! We thought about what they might look like, where they might live and what they eat. We also made them out of clay which was great fun!

As Muntjac Class are away this week we have also been making use of the computers in their classroom. We have been playing different phonics games online and also perfecting our mouse skills by drawing pictures.

A fantastic week Hedgehog Class – well done!