What A Fabulously Fun First Half Term

What A Fabulously Fun First Half Term

Wow! We have worked our smelly socks off in Badger Class! We have been so busy that we didn’t notice the weeks passing us by and can’t believe it is half term already!

This week we have been following and writing instructions, eating beans on toast, drinking hot chocolate, planting cress and sewing beans bags – that was just for English! In Maths we have been exploring fractions with shapes and numbers and investigating Year Two’s favourite number…Number 7!

We have also looked at different types of books and explored the differences between fiction and non-fiction, worked on the formation of those cheeky letters b and d and tried really hard to learn our adjective spellings, with huge success!

We finished our dance topic in PE by performing our ‘Class Haka’ to the whole school during our fabulous Friday music assembly!

Well done Badgers, have a great half term!