Brilliant Badgers -Week 4!

Brilliant Badgers -Week 4!

What a week!

We started our week with the ‘Haka’ in PE and finished by writing our own stories with a whole heap of laughter and learning in between!

We had a great time being tree detectives in the field searching for deciduous and evergreen trees. The next day we looked carefully at our broad been seeds to see how much they have grown and then we even joined some runner beans to try and make a giant Beanstalk!

On Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed telling the Hedgehogs our version of Jack and the Beanstalk and even though we discovered that we felt quite nervous and embarrassed at first, we all felt very proud of ourselves afterwards!

We had great fun writing stories as a whole class, one of these featured a Dragonfly called Dave and another had a tooth fairy who lived in a castle made from one thousand teeth! Some of us started to make a digital story too!

Such a fun week Badgers. Well done!