Squirrel Class Gymnastics

Squirrel class thoroughly enjoyed their weekly sessions at the Sudbury Gymnastics club. Here are some pictures from their final session, where the children got to show their families and their teacher some of the things they had been working on! Really impressive, well done everyone.

Rapid Fire Cricket!

Earlier this term, some of the Year 3 children attended a Rapid Fire Cricket event at The Ramsey Academy. There were lots of different schools represented and the children enjoyed learning this new form of cricket. It was a fantastic afternoon and the team were amazing, coming second overall. Fantastic team work and determination was shown by everyone, great work!

Royal Wedding Cakes Homework!

Badger class celebrated Harry and Meghan’s wedding by designing (and making) them a wedding cake! You will see from the creations, both on paper and in real life, that these designs were in fact a very good option. We can always hope that they see these designs and maybe request one for their first anniversary…

Delicious and quite naughty break time treats for the week!

We wish the newlyweds-The Duke and Duchess of Sussex a very happy marriage.

Our Summer Term Topic-Food Glorious Food!

In Badger class, our topic has been quite tasty so far! We found out about seeds and growing, and the different plant parts that we can eat: the roots, stems, leaves and flowers! We pretended to be tiny bulbs with our suitcases of everything we need whilst living underground! We then grew big and tall like a tulip before we died in the summer -then we looked into our suitcases to start the cycle again!

This lesson inspired the cooking of some home grown rhubarb from one of our lovely Badgers. A delicious rhubarb crumble was created in class and promptly eaten, a very glorious food day in Badgers!

Story Writing in Badgers!

In Badger class, we have been very busy exploring fairy tales. As well as reading the stories, using computers- we created new front cover designs for our favourites stories and we worked in groups to discuss our best and worst stories with reasons. We retold Hansel and Gretel with pictures and actions, we wrote a class story and have been very busy writing our own brand new stories!

We used a story mountain to help us make sure that our stories followed an exciting story path. Each of our stories has a problem, but luckily we solve the problems and live happily ever after! Here are a few snaps of us hard at work!

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A Sunny Wiggery Wood Visit!

It was lovely and sunny at the woods today and we enjoyed running and hiding among the bluebells. We also made some ‘leaf burgers’ by sawing wood and placing a leaf in between them! We decorated them with Terry’s pens and tied them with elastic bands.

Here are some photographs of what we got up to!

Bluebells in the Woods

The woods looked beautiful today covered in bluebells and the children enjoyed looking at them and smelling them as they explored. We also had some sticky postcards which we filled with different leaves, sticks, feathers and flowers that we could find. The children demonstrated great care today and they were careful not to stand on any bluebells or to pick any that were still growing.

A lovely morning in the woods!

Easter in Hedgehog Class

We had a visit from the Easter bunny on our last day of school and he left us clues and a special treasure hunt! We worked together to read each clue to find the next part of the hunt. We were so lucky and he left us all a chocolate egg!

We definitely deserved our special treat as we then enjoyed the sunshine and gave our outdoor area a spring clean! Everyone worked so hard and there was lots of super teamwork! Well done Hedgehogs!

Easter at Wiggery Wood

We had great fun at Wiggery Wood last week! The Easter bunny had hidden lots of numbers around the woods for us to find. When we found them all they made a special message which led us to underneath the wheelbarrow. Under the wheelbarrow we found some chocolate eggs for us to share! We also had a bonfire to keep us all warm and we toasted marshmallows as part of our snack!