Dancing Stones and Squiggles

Badger class worked with enthusiasm and finesse during their dance lesson on Monday. We used our ‘Thoughtful Stones’ as our inspiration for dance and movement. The Badgers worked individually and with their talk partner to demonstrate the squiggles then the words written on the stones. They enjoyed sharing and demonstrating different movements with each other, and with the visitors that were looking around at our school!

Well done Badger class 😊

Fabulous Firework Fun

Badger Class are back to school with a Bang! (And a whoosh, whiz and pop!)

We have had a fantastic week so far. We have been thinking about fireworks in our PE lessons, English and Art. We started our week by watching the firework show from the New Year celebrations in London and then we thought of some brilliant verbs to describe what the fireworks were doing. We then experimented with the words in our PE lesson as we danced like fireworks in the sky. What a wonderful dancing display you all made!

Well done Badgers J

Busy Beanstalk Badgers!

Badgers have had a great week and deserve a rest this weekend!

In P.E we have ‘bean’ dancing as the sunshine, raindrops and wind to make our body beanstalks grow, studying seeds and planting broad beans and sunflowers in Science, and creating 2D and 3D Giant’s castles in maths -whilst learning all about the different shapes and the funny names used to describe them! We also danced and sang to the ‘Oats and Beans’ song, made actions to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and so much more…

Well done Badgers!

PE Fun!

Hedgehogs and Badgers had a fun afternoon of PE in the sunshine on Thursday. We all had a go at hurdles, throwing beanbags into targets, egg and spoon races, batting balls and skipping!