Lights Out!

On Thursday, we arrived at school to find that damage to power cables in the area, caused by Storm Georgina, meant that we had a power cut! Our Science topic for this term in Muntjac class is ‘Electrifying Electricity’, so we set about creating our very own sources of light in a battery powered circuit, to help us carry on as normal! Here are a few pictures of our circuits in action.

Erupting Hedgehogs!

Last week a couple of members of Hedgehog Class were eager to make an erupting volcano. We looked on the internet to find out what we needed and everyone helped to collect the ingredients and equipment! We even invited Mrs Everard to come and watch too!

It was great fun to watch!

Gardening Hedgehogs!

Wow! What a busy day we have had today in Hedgehog Class! We began the day by giving our outdoor area a good clean and we were excited to see some special tyres for us to plant in and explore! We then got busy planting flowers and seeds and decorating pebbles and pots. We made pictures and patterns with the stones on the grass and even had a go at using them to make an outline of each other!
In the afternoon we enjoyed some more planting and we had a go at building a giant scarecrow! We had to think carefully about how to join it together and how to make it stable enough so that it didn’t fall over!

We had a fantastic day spent outside and we would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who brought in pots, soil, flowers and seeds for us to use!

Science Day in Hedgehogs and Badgers!

Hedgehog and Badger Class teamed up today to become crazy scientists!! We have had fun with three different experiments involving skittles, flowers, and milk and food colouring. Plus, we made constructions as part of a team with spaghetti and marshmallows and explored slime! We also went on a spring nature hunt and experimented with making huge bubbles with hoops!

We have had a fantastic day and the children worked beautifully within their small teams! Lots of scientific language and fun!! Well done everyone!

Maths, Science and Sweets!

Badger class had a great time in their maths lessons last week. We discussed deciduous trees whilst sorting piles of Autumn leaves and then created a tally to show how to write the numbers in a different way.

Later on in the week, when we were perfecting our recording skills, they created a tally and then a bar chart to show the colours of skittles in a small packet. Great fun!

Busy Beanstalk Badgers!

Badgers have had a great week and deserve a rest this weekend!

In P.E we have ‘bean’ dancing as the sunshine, raindrops and wind to make our body beanstalks grow, studying seeds and planting broad beans and sunflowers in Science, and creating 2D and 3D Giant’s castles in maths -whilst learning all about the different shapes and the funny names used to describe them! We also danced and sang to the ‘Oats and Beans’ song, made actions to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and so much more…

Well done Badgers!

Trip to Boydell’s Farm!

Hedgehog and Badger class have had an amazing day at Boydell’s Farm today! We have milked a cow, fed all the animals and even been able to hold a chick and a lamb. We particularly enjoyed paddling in the stream!

Muntjacs Eclipse Breakfast

On Friday 20th March Muntjacs came into school early to have an eclipse breakfast of chocolate muffins, moon pancakes, croissants and orange juice. It was really good fun. Then we went outside to see the eclipse but it was very cloudy.

Spotting Signs Of Spring At The Woods!

Yesterday was the perfect morning for Badgers to spot signs of Spring at Wiggery Wood. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the bluebell shoots had grown taller! Spring is definitely on its way. Badgers managed to spot primroses, elder budburst and hazel catkins. Whilst looking for snowdrops, we stumbled across a crocodile in the pond, a fairy house in a tree (although they informed me it actually belonged to a mouse or a squirrel!) and a sleeping dog made of grass! We can’t wait until next time!