Hedgehogs Celebrate Easter!

On Tuesday we were extremely busy as we took part in our whole school bridge building day. We started our day off by exploring and building bridges with different construction materials. We then split into two groups to plan and design our own bridge using paper, straws, lolly sticks and cardboard tubes. Once we had decided on a plan we got building! The bridges were fantastic and everyone worked brilliantly as part of their team!

On Thursday we were visited by the Easter bunny! He left us a message and some clues to follow around the school. We were very excited to find some special treats at the end of the hunt!

Art Club Celebrates Diwali

Art Club enjoyed learning about and celebrating Diwali in the last couple of weeks of half term. They worked hard to make their own Diva lamps from clay and then paint them using their own patterns and designs. They also explored different rangoli patterns and had a go at making their own on black paper using bright colours. We also looked closely at different mehndi patterns and tried some ourselves on a hand template. We found out that it is actually quite tricky!

Harvest & Diwali in Hedgehog Class

We celebrated and learnt all about harvest and Diwali in our last week of half term. We tasted a range of different fruits and vegetables and made a tally sheet of how many Hedgehogs liked each one. We found out that we don’t like parsnips very much but we do like kiwi and plums! Everyone tried a piece of each of the fruits and vegetables so we were very impressed!

As part of our Wild World Adventure topic we also explored India this week and how Diwali is celebrated. We found out that Diwali is the festival of light so we made some special Diva lamps with clay and painted them to take home. We also had a go at making our own rangoli patterns with chalk and colourful rice and we made flower garlands and lanterns to decorate our classroom! Some of us even had a go at building the Taj Mahal with the wooden blocks! We thought the different sari’s were beautiful so we decided to open up our own sari shop in the classroom. The children made their own shop sign, opening times, price labels and name tags and set to work selling and buying sari’s.

A very busy last week of half term Hedgehogs! Well done!

Easter Fun At Wiggery Wood!

Badgers created an ‘Easter garden’ at the woods this week! They thought carefully about the Easter story and chose objects from the wood to represent it. This was followed by an Easter egg hunt. We also had fun with fractions thinking about halves and quarters with the colours of our suits!

Stargazer, Stargazer…

Team St. Giles’ pulled off another wonderful nativity this week! The performances were really heart-warming and touching. Everyone was fantastic; actors, singers, narrators and band. It really reminded everyone of what Christmas is all about. A huge thank you to Mr Munson and Mrs Everard who led the children so brilliantly through the show – Philip was right about the special star and made it to the stable just in time!