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Super Saver Squirrels

Squirrel class enjoyed a visit from the Ipswich Building Society. They led several different money themed activities throughout the morning, including shopping games. The children considered the type of things they might like to save up for! They then put their ideas onto a class savings tree! A fun filled Maths morning.

Year 6 Primary Maths Challenge

This week, our Year 6 students from Muntjac Class took part in the Primary Maths Challenge; a fun and engaging maths experience that challenged them all. Many of the children achieved very highly, so well done to everyone who took part! It was great to see the pupils applying their problem solving skills effectively. Mr …

Doubling Hedgehogs!

Wow! Hedgehog Class have impressed us this week with their doubling knowledge!! We have been doubling numbers all week in a range of different games and challenges! We have sorted dominoes and written the number sentence, hunted for doubles around the classroom and answered them, thrown a dice and doubled the number, and so much …

Measuring Hedgehogs!

We have been super busy these past couple of weeks practising our measuring skills! We have explored height, length, capacity and weight! We measured the gruffalo’s footprints and compared them to our own footprints, ordered objects by height, made special gruffalo potions and weighed different items using the scales! We even measured how tall we …

Shape Homework!

We have been trying really hard to learn all about 2D and 3D shapes. Badger class thoroughly enjoyed sharing their pictures of the models that they created for homework. They were all so different and very creative. Well done Badgers.

Maths, Science and Sweets!

Badger class had a great time in their maths lessons last week. We discussed deciduous trees whilst sorting piles of Autumn leaves and then created a tally to show how to write the numbers in a different way. Later on in the week, when we were perfecting our recording skills, they created a tally and …

Shapes in Hedgehog Class!

We have been exploring shapes in Hedgehog Class for the last two weeks. We have been practising all the different names of the shapes, as well as playing a range of games to develop our skills at describing each shape. We have also been using shapes to design patterns, and we worked particularly hard as …

Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

Wow! Badger class have been working hard getting to grips with 2D and 3D shapes! We have been using lots of new vocabulary to describe the shapes, including sides, vertices, edges and faces! We have created Autumn pictures with 2D shapes including some lines of symmetry, sorted 2D and 3D shapes and found real life …

Exploring Number 5!

For our ‘think around a number’ session this week we explored the number 5. We practised writing it correctly, making 5 with the Numicon, drawing 5 spots on a giraffe and threading 5 beads onto a pipe cleaner! We then made our pipe cleaners into bracelets and became members of the 5 club!

Matching Words and Numbers…and Tea Bags in Maths!

This week we have focused on matching the number words to the numerals. We then drew ‘tea bag’ posters to help us remember how to spell the words twenty to ninety (as these can sometimes be confused with ‘teen’ numbers!) [category: badgers, maths] Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Another Great Week In Badgers!

The Brilliant Badgers have had another amazing week at school! We have been busy measuring with cubes and then very accurately with centimetres. We measured the length of our bodies and made huge flowers which are as tall as us! You can see them in the hall on our ‘Beanstalk Maths’ display. In our English …

Busy Beanstalk Badgers!

Badgers have had a great week and deserve a rest this weekend! In P.E we have ‘bean’ dancing as the sunshine, raindrops and wind to make our body beanstalks grow, studying seeds and planting broad beans and sunflowers in Science, and creating 2D and 3D Giant’s castles in maths -whilst learning all about the different …

Measuring in Maths

In Squirrels’ class we have been learning to measure accurately. We enjoyed working in pairs to measure different body parts!

Easter Fun At Wiggery Wood!

Badgers created an ‘Easter garden’ at the woods this week! They thought carefully about the Easter story and chose objects from the wood to represent it. This was followed by an Easter egg hunt. We also had fun with fractions thinking about halves and quarters with the colours of our suits!

The Ravenous Beast Cafe!

Hedgehog and Badger class had a super week measuring, baking and decorating cakes and biscuits for The Ravenous Beast Cafe! They had a fabulous time and managed to raise over £40 for an upcoming trip to the farm. If you bought some biscuits and cakes at the end of school we hope you enjoyed them!

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