Squirrels’ Snowy School Trip!

We had a brilliant visit to Hill Farm in Gestingthorpe yesterday. There was some snow but that didn’t stop our fun! Mr Cooper shared many of the fascinating Roman artefacts that have been found there with us. We also got to visit the site of where a Roman villa once stood.The children impressed us with all their Roman knowledge that they were able to recall and great behaviour too. A great morning!

Viking artefact investigation with Owls class!

Last Monday, Muntjac class had some special visitors from our wonderful sister school, St Andrew’s! Mrs Halls and Owl Class came to visit us at St Giles’ to investigate and explore some real Viking artefacts. The children all had a wonderful time being historians and archaeologists, and absolutely loved getting to know one another before our joint Kingswood residential trip. Well done children, you are all fantastic examples of the collaboration and friendship within our Federation.

Muntjac’s Mexican Day!

As part of our topic M.A.P.S (Mountains, Animals, People & Seas) Muntjac class have been studying the regions of Central and South America. On our special Mexican day, we thoroughly enjoyed performing our Mexican assembly to the school and loved the delicious Mexican feast that Mrs Dunne cooked! Here are a few pictures from the day …

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Travelling Through Our School Time Tunnel!

Badger class had an interesting afternoon looking through old school magazines that were created by pupils from our school in 1923! They included poems, prayers, beautiful drawings of wild flowers and more. We found these very old magazines fascinating to look through, and made lots of notes about what these magazines can tell us about the past.

We decided to make our own magazine all about ourselves and our school. This included a wild flower search around the school grounds followed by watercolour paintings in the style of children’s author and illustrator-Quentin Blake!

Our books were fun to make and are almost finished. We thought it would be a good idea to put some of our work, and the magazines from the past, into a time capsule for people to look back on in years to come.

(This will happen at some point in the very near future!)

Adventures In The Wood!

The Year Two Badgers had a real treat this morning at Wiggery Wood!

First we were greeted by Mr Cooper who asked us what we had been learning about in school. Once the children told him that the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton had visited our class, Mr cooper told us all about the famous local explorer called Captain Lawrence Oates. He told us all about the expedition that Captain Oates went on in 1912. Mr cooper then invited us to his museum to show us a model of the sledge, skis and walking poles that Captain Oates would have used! Some of us were even lucky enough to hold the poles and stand on the skis!

We then had an adventure of our own in the woods and ended up getting ‘lost!’. We talked about how we felt and carefully wrote our thoughts on a thought bubble. Luckily we found our way back to our hut in time for our healthy snack!

What an adventurous morning!!

Fabulous Firework Fun

Badger Class are back to school with a Bang! (And a whoosh, whiz and pop!)

We have had a fantastic week so far. We have been thinking about fireworks in our PE lessons, English and Art. We started our week by watching the firework show from the New Year celebrations in London and then we thought of some brilliant verbs to describe what the fireworks were doing. We then experimented with the words in our PE lesson as we danced like fireworks in the sky. What a wonderful dancing display you all made!

Well done Badgers J

Visiting West Stow Anglo Saxon Village

Squirrels class have been on a visit to the Anglo Saxon Village at West Stow. We enjoyed watching a short historical film, a visit to the museum, dressing up in Anglo Saxon style clothing and exploring the village! We have had fun together learning more about how the Anglo Saxons lived. These are just a few of our pictures from our day out!