Muntjac’s Mexican Day!

As part of our topic M.A.P.S (Mountains, Animals, People & Seas) Muntjac class have been studying the regions of Central and South America. On our special Mexican day, we thoroughly enjoyed performing our Mexican assembly to the school and loved the delicious Mexican feast that Mrs Dunne cooked! Here are a few pictures from the day …

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Gardening Hedgehogs!

Wow! What a busy day we have had today in Hedgehog Class! We began the day by giving our outdoor area a good clean and we were excited to see some special tyres for us to plant in and explore! We then got busy planting flowers and seeds and decorating pebbles and pots. We made pictures and patterns with the stones on the grass and even had a go at using them to make an outline of each other!
In the afternoon we enjoyed some more planting and we had a go at building a giant scarecrow! We had to think carefully about how to join it together and how to make it stable enough so that it didn’t fall over!

We had a fantastic day spent outside and we would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who brought in pots, soil, flowers and seeds for us to use!

Our Science And Technology Team

On Friday afternoons the Science and Technology Team have been set some interesting Design challenges! They have worked well together, experimenting with their different ideas. This week they were give Art straws and making tape, and asked to begin to create a solid and strong structure. The teams have come up with a variety of ideas and enjoyed testing them out!

The Ravenous Beast Cafe!

Hedgehog and Badger class had a super week measuring, baking and decorating cakes and biscuits for The Ravenous Beast Cafe! They had a fabulous time and managed to raise over £40 for an upcoming trip to the farm. If you bought some biscuits and cakes at the end of school we hope you enjoyed them!