Easter Disco!

Here are a selection of photographs from both the Infant disco and Junior disco!

Kingswood Day 4 update!

We have had another fun-packed day on the Isle of Wight! The children all agree that the week has flown by and they would love to stay for longer. Today’s activities included: Giant Mecanno, Zip Wire, Team Problem Solving, Lazer Quest, as well as Rocket and Buggy Building. All of the children have shown exceptional collaboration, perseverance and bravery all week and have been fantastic ambassadors for both of our wonderful schools. New friendships have been formed and we have memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end – we will see you tomorrow afternoon at St Giles’!

Here are a few pictures of Day 4 …

Kingswood Day 3!

Today has been an exciting, adrenaline fuelled day! We spent most of it outdoors, which was wonderful until the wind arrived, and we all had to don scarves, gloves and hats – but It didn’t deter any of us from enjoying all of the activities on offer. Today’s activities included: the leap of faith, low rope team building, fire making, bush-crafts, orienteering, field games, nightline and laser tag.

You’ll see from the photos how much the children loved the mud. I am sure you will realise that when they bring home their washing…!

Yesterday evening, after the film, we had a late night so we are all a bit tired this morning. This hasn’t stopped our children from being the best they can be, and their friendship and team skills really shone through today. We are so very proud of them all.

Tomorrow brings another fun packed day of problem solving and adventurous activities. We can’t believe we only have one more full day here – lots of the children say they would like to stay for longer! Tonight we are all going to sit around a roaring campfire to toast marshmallows, sing songs and tell spooky stories.

One more day of news to follow tomorrow, then the children will bring all their exciting stories home on Friday to share with you! Here are some photos of day 3 of our Isle of Wight adventure …

Kingswood Day 2 Update!

We have had another great day at Kingswood! Everyone got a good nights sleep and we started the day with a fantastic cooked breakfast and a walk to the beach where we went fossil and shell hunting – everyone had a lovely time exploring the coast! After this, we headed off into small groups and took part in: Aeroball, Archery, Bushcraft, Jacob’s Ladder and not forgetting the formidable 3G Swing! All the children have enjoyed challenging themselves, getting to know each other and learning new outdoor skills. They are currently enjoying some quiet time watching a movie together with a hot chocolate. Overall, a great day! Here are a few pictures of day 2 …

Kingswood Day 1!

After a trouble-free journey and a smooth ferry crossing of the Solent (which the children loved!) we have all arrived safe and sound at Kingswood, on the Isle of Wight. We have had an action packed first day, including: Archery, Aeroball, Fencing, Mini Olympics, as well as a full tour of the site and of course a delicious dinner and a hot chocolate before bed. All of the children have been fantastic and are excited for the week ahead. Here are a few pictures of our adventure so far …

Shrove Tuesday Celebrations!

This year, Shrove Tuesday falls during our February half term break, so we celebrated, with our traditional pancake assembly and race, a week early! Congratulations go to Oak house who won the coveted ‘Blue Pan’ in style and of course to Mrs Nichols who managed a record beating 61 pancake tosses! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy …