Easter in Hedgehog Class

We had a visit from the Easter bunny on our last day of school and he left us clues and a special treasure hunt! We worked together to read each clue to find the next part of the hunt. We were so lucky and he left us all a chocolate egg!

We definitely deserved our special treat as we then enjoyed the sunshine and gave our outdoor area a spring clean! Everyone worked so hard and there was lots of super teamwork! Well done Hedgehogs!

Easter at Wiggery Wood

We had great fun at Wiggery Wood last week! The Easter bunny had hidden lots of numbers around the woods for us to find. When we found them all they made a special message which led us to underneath the wheelbarrow. Under the wheelbarrow we found some chocolate eggs for us to share! We also had a bonfire to keep us all warm and we toasted marshmallows as part of our snack!

Easter Disco!

Here are a selection of photographs from both the Infant disco and Junior disco!

Musical Hedgehogs!

We had a fantastic musical afternoon with Mr Munson on Friday playing and exploring different instruments. We took it in turns to play each instrument and we had to listen very carefully to when we had to play and when we had to stop! It was great fun having a go on some new instruments that we hadn’t played before and learning the names for each one. Thank you Mr Munson!

Think Around The Number 11

In our Friday Maths session this week Hedgehog Class explored the number 11. We practised writing it, making it with Numicon, parking 11 cars in a row, counting out 11 jewels, threading 11 beads to make a necklace, building a tower with 11 blocks, drawing 11 cars on a road and much much more!!

We were so busy with our number 11 morning! You’ll have to see if you can spot any number 11’s while you’re out and about Hedgehogs!

Hedgehog Parent’s Lunch!

We enjoyed having our parents to lunch this week! We were so excited for them to come and spend time with us at school! We had a lovely time and we showed off how brilliant and independent we are eating our lunch and clearing away after ourselves.

Well done Hedgehogs!

Signs of Spring at Wiggery Wood

We saw the bluebells starting to grow at Wiggery Woods last week. We had to be really careful where we walked so that we didn’t step on any and we can’t wait to see them as they start to flower!

We enjoyed exploring the woods and making use of the rope swings and ladders. Terry even tied a rope around a slanted tree and we had a go at climbing up it by using the rope to pull us up.

We made lots of ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ with the mud and had fun trying to walk up one of the slippery muddy banks!

Here are some photographs of our beautiful sunny morning at the woods!

World Book Day in Hedgehog Class!

We had a brilliant day in Hedgehog Class celebrating World Book Day! Everyone looked amazing in their outfits and the children enjoyed sharing their books that they had brought in. We spent the morning busy taking part in different book related activities. We made porridge for ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’, made our own ‘Stick Man’, decorated a large ‘Rainbow Fish’, made puppets and retold ‘Little Red Riding Hood, designed socks for ‘Octopus Socktopus’, made rockets for the ‘Dinosaur Rocket’, designed our own broom from ‘Room on the Broom’, made a ‘Bad-Tempered Ladybird’ and drew 10 spikes on the back of ‘The Gruffalo’!

A fun-filled day full of smiles, books and super costumes! Well done Hedgehogs!

Firefighter Week in Hedgehog Class!

We had a fantastic week learning all about what it would be like to be a firefighter! We even explored what it was like in the past when they had to use buckets of water to put out fires. Hedgehog Class were set a challenge to put out a fire in our playground with only one bucket and a container of water. They quickly worked out that they would have to work together and pass the bucket along! There was some amazing teamwork skills!
We then linked this to our Maths learning this week as we explored capacity. We had fun filling and sorting different containers to ‘full’, ‘half full’ and ’empty’ and we followed special instructions to make interesting sparkly potions!

In English we watched a clip from Fireman Sam and then wrote our own fire stories! We thought carefully about the beginning, middle and end of our stories and wrote them in our books!

The Mystery Of The Missing Snack!

On Monday Hedgehog Class came back from assembly to find that somebody had stolen their snack! The thief left footprints and cups on the floor with a half eaten apple! There was also a message and some clues. To earn the clues we had to become police detectives and complete different puzzles and challenges. When we had won all the clues we ordered them and read the secret message. We finally found our snack in the hall!

Everyone worked so hard to earn their clue and there was some fantastic teamwork!

Great work ‘Hedgehog Detectives’!