Easter at Wiggery Wood

We had great fun at Wiggery Wood last week! The Easter bunny had hidden lots of numbers around the woods for us to find. When we found them all they made a special message which led us to underneath the wheelbarrow. Under the wheelbarrow we found some chocolate eggs for us to share! We also had a bonfire to keep us all warm and we toasted marshmallows as part of our snack!

Easter Disco!

Here are a selection of photographs from both the Infant disco and Junior disco!

Signs of Spring at Wiggery Wood

We saw the bluebells starting to grow at Wiggery Woods last week. We had to be really careful where we walked so that we didn’t step on any and we can’t wait to see them as they start to flower!

We enjoyed exploring the woods and making use of the rope swings and ladders. Terry even tied a rope around a slanted tree and we had a go at climbing up it by using the rope to pull us up.

We made lots of ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ with the mud and had fun trying to walk up one of the slippery muddy banks!

Here are some photographs of our beautiful sunny morning at the woods!

Year Two at Wiggery Wood

Year Two children joined the fun at Wiggery Wood at the start of the Spring Term. It started with a ride on the top deck of a double decker bus-the best way to travel!

We posed by the scarecrow at the start of our walk to the woods, then we went to explore the Badger class side of the woods! We explored, climbed and played before we got down to the serious business of work! We made Tudor House pictures out of sticks and leaves! It was a great morning and we can’t wait to go again…

Music in Badgers

Badger class showed their musical talents when singing ‘London’s Burning’ in a round with FOUR groups! They also had a good time reading the musical notes and playing the traditional song on the xylophone.